In Defense of Luisa Piccarreta

Here at Countdown to the Kingdom, we have long featured prominently the revelations of Jesus to the 19th and 20th century mystic, Luisa Piccarreta

As with all seers, Luisa is not without her critics. Recently, however, new waves of attacks against this saintly laywoman—whom the Church declared, in 1994 (confirmed in 2005), to be a Servant of God—have been spreading. New criticisms of her revelations—which have been approved by the Church with no fewer than 19 nihil obstats from a canonized saint, St. Hannibal di Francia—have likewise been disseminated.

Indeed, the Devil despises these revelations. Therefore, until the Divine Will reigns on earth, we should not expect that he will cease to inspire new attacks against Luisa’s messages from Jesus. As Luisa herself wrote:

If the Divine Fiat is known, the kingdom of the enemy is over. Here is all his rage. But the Lord will win, because it is divine decree that His Kingdom will come upon earth. It is a matter of time, but He will make His way; He lacks neither power nor wisdom to dispose the circumstances. But I tell you: whatever you can do [to promote the Divine Will]- do it. 

—Letter of Luisa to “Irene.” December 5, 1939.

In the video below, Countdown contributor Daniel O’Connor responds to the latest criticisms of Luisa. Please watch and share this video, which will also prove helpful to those who have not yet learned about Luisa—as its opening segments provide an introduction to this great mystic and her revelations from Jesus.

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