In Sinu Jesu – Soon I Will Give the World a Sign

Our Lord to a Benedictine Monk, May 16, 2010:

Yes, I have united your heart to the heart of My servant Benedict XVI, and this from the very beginning of his pontificate. Listen well to all his teachings. Receive them and make them known, for he is My messenger and My victim-priest in the midst of a world that closes its ears to My word and that still derides the mystery of the Cross. Soon I will give the world a sign that will convert many hearts. Many others will remain closed and, in their refusal to listen and to be healed of the ravages of sin, they will be like hearts turned to stone, and incapable of responding to My redeeming love. This is My sorrow: that so many, even within My Church and in the ranks of the clergy, My chosen ones and My friends, have hardened their hearts against Me and, to My immense grief, will die in their sins.

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