Jennifer – A Vision of Drought

Our Lord Jesus to Jennifer :

On May 22nd in 2012, Jennifer allegedly received a message that is difficult to ignore, as it seems a direct reflection of today’s headlines:

I weep today My children but it is those who are failing to heed to My warnings that will weep tomorrow. The winds of spring will turn into the rising dust of summer as the world will begin to look more like a desert. Before mankind is able to change the calendar of this time you will have witnessed the financial collapse. It is only those who heed to My warnings that will be prepared. The North will attack the South as the two Koreas become at war with each other. Jerusalem will shake, America will fall and Russia will unite with China to become Dictators of the new world. I plead in warnings of love and mercy for I am Jesus and the hand of justice is soon to prevail.


On February 22, 2024, Jennifer purportedly received a vision:

I see a haze covering the ground almost like fog but I could feel the heat. Jesus then tells me, “That a great heat will come and many will be searching for water. The heat will come before summer is due.”

Jesus speaks to me again and says,

Many lakes will dry up because the earth will respond according to the depth of man’s sin. When my children seek to rebel against My Church, My commandments, My creation, My plan, and refuse to accept My mercy, there is no longer harmony between Heaven and earth. It is time for My children to open their eyes because the temptation is great. There is a bounty for your soul but I have paid your ransom through My passion, death, and resurrection. My children, you have nothing to fear if you are walking in My light and praying for those who are not. Now go forth, for I am Jesus and be at peace, for My mercy and justice will prevail.

Is this potentially the beginning of the fulfillment of that 2012 message? We continue to “watch and pray”….


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