Jennifer – An Era of Peace

Jesus to Jennifer :

My child, I have sent storms and earthquakes to this world before as a sign that man needs to change his ways. Many do not take these as signs. Many do not understand that they are being sinful. When you see the storms and disasters, know that the sign of the tribulation is here. Know that the reign of Satan is coming to an end and that I will bring an era of peace to this earth. During this time of tribulation you will be tested, but keep your focus on Me and I will reward all My faithful in My kingdom. —May 19th, 2003

My people, as you witness this division between family and friends, it is important that you do not become entangled with what the world says for the ways of the world do not get you to heaven. My child, continue to write these words I give you for in time all will know these messages are real. All will know these messages are from heaven. As this time draws closer, you will see many things changing for you are already witnessing these changes with the earth. It is not a time for you to fear because My era of peace will fall upon this earth and My faithful will be rewarded. I place these words in your heart dear child so you can truly feel My presence. My people, in your times of great trials and sufferings, call upon the saints for each one is here to assist you. Look to My Mother for she is your Mother too and is here to assist you on your journey to heaven. My people, pray the rosary and cleanse your soul often for by doing these things you will bear much fruit. My people, I am very pleased with all who respond to these messages. —August 22nd, 03

…the time of preparation is coming to an end for the heart of My Mother will triumph and you will see My era of peace. Now go forth, My people, and do as I have asked and remember I am always with you. —January 6th, 2004

My people, for those of you who survive, will be simplified greatly and this world will be restored with My era of peace. —February 15th, 2004

A new dawn is on the horizon and will pour forth a great light upon all humanity… The day will come forth when there will be no more sadness, no more tears of pain. There will no longer be abortion and the sounds of My little ones will triumph. There will be no more adultery, no more stealing. My Commandments, dear children, will be restored into the hearts of man. The era of peace will prevail upon My people. Take heed! Take heed dear children, for the trembling of this earth is about to begin. I have sent forth waves of warning yet so many are like the foolish virgins who are off seeking oil for their lamp stands. Better for you to seek the forgiveness of your Heavenly Father and remain in a state of grace than to be off seeking your riches that only buy you eternal fire. —June 11th, 2005

My child, I am coming! I am coming! It will be an era upon mankind in which every corner of the earth will know of My existence. —December 28th, 2010

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