Jennifer – Plagues of Insects and Disease

Jesus to Jennifer , November 18th, 2004:

My people, the light shall come and fall upon mankind. Each ray of light that shines from My Most Sacred Heart will awaken your soul. The days are coming, for you will see how the earth will respond according to the depth of man’s sins. You will be plagued by disease and insects that will annihilate many areas. You will see fire fall from the sky and areas that have become the harvest of such evil will disintegrate like ashes in a fire. You will see a million man war and the coming of the one who will claim he is Me and bring many to their death. You will be gathered and numbered and denied the right to speak anything that is of Me. You will be seduced by his false miracles and many will come and claim they are sent by Me, yet you are being misguided, misled, for they are false prophets who come to claim greater glory and honor. You will witness the fall of one who was chosen to lead and, as this time comes, your financial institutions will come to a halt. Nation will rise up against one another… and yet, through all this destruction, this world is being cleansed of its filth. I will come and weed out those of My chosen sons who have denied their vocation and shine an even greater light into those who remain true to the cross and are willing to be martyred for speaking the truth, for all of humanity will know that I am the true Messiah… My places of refuge are being prepared all around this world and it is important that they are consecrated to My Most Sacred Heart. It is important that My faithful be praying daily for the conversion of sinners, for so many do not realize the awakening they will endure. Prepare! Prepare, My people, for this world will soon be awakened. The day shall come yet, you do not know the hour for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

Note: The Middle East and Africa are being devastated by a plague of locusts as the world wrestles with the Coronavirus.

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