Jennifer – The Bells Will be Silenced

Church bells are used to set the rhythm of prayer and are a reminder of God’s presence among us. They have been a part of the Christian landscape for centuries — but they have been silenced in an Italian town this week.[1] The sounds of Christianity — and of freedom [2]“Ottawa bans honking horns amid massive trucker protest”; — are being silenced around the world in more ways than one.[3]cf. Political Correctness and the Great Apostasy and The Growing Mob It reminds us of messages given to Jennifer below — particularly the last one that speaks at the same time of a coming war… First published September 20th, 2021.


Our Lord Jesus to Jennifer on May 26th, 2009:

My child, tell the world that I desire prayer, for what lies ahead for the world beyond this point you are in now, is the greatest purification since the beginning of creation. For My just hand will come forth and separate the weeds from the wheat. The doors of many of My Churches will be shut,* the bells will be silenced, for I say to you, the true division in My Church has already begun. For many, the Eucharist will not be [available]** for them to receive, for many of My priests will be silenced. I come to warn in love, I come to tell you that you must find your peace by trusting in Me. 

On April 15th, 2005:

My people, My precious children, the bells of My Church will soon be silenced. I come to warn you that the battle has been waged, for the final lap before you hear the trumpets sound and the angels proclaim My coming. The events that you and your children will see have been foretold through the Gospel message…

On March 27th, 2005

The bells of My churches will soon be silenced and the division will multiply leading up to the coming of the Antichrist. You will see the coming of a war that will have nations rising up against one another


*The Vatican announced that only those who have been injected with the experimental mRNA gene therapy and who provide proof (ie. “green pass”), or those with a “positive test” or proof that they have recovered, will now be admitted.[4]

**The Diocese of Moncton, New Brunswick has announced that only “doubly vaccinated” may attend Mass. Perfectly healthy Catholics may not otherwise receive the Sacraments.[5] And the so-called “roadmap to freedom” in Australia will ban those who are not “vaccinated” from Masses starting in October.[6]


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