Jennifer – The Hour is Coming

Our Lord to Jennifer on April 7th, 2021:

My child, the hour is coming when I will command the attention of every soul that is living on this earth. There will come a time when time will not be of awareness, rather a time when humanity will see the wounds that he has added to My Most Sacred Heart. An hour in which the earth will no longer rotate, but by the command of My Voice the world will be shown the great depths of My Mercy; the world will be shown My Mighty Hand of Justice. This will be an hour when evil will not reign upon this earth, but an hour when I show mankind his soul through the eyes of His Creator, for I Am Jesus. [1]That is, evil will not reign during that hour of mercy: the period during and after the Warning. Mankind will see that there is no reason in which sin is justified. I ask My children to take this time to turn off and away from the world. When you take time to live in the creation that I created, you will begin to hear My Voice, My Words, My Will for your Life. You will begin to live the mission you were sent to do. My Children, you will begin to find courage when you respond to My Will and you will be My witnesses in this world where evil no longer seeks to be hidden; when evil is no longer hidden [and] neither are the lies of those who have chosen to live by them. Remember, what is done in darkness will always come to light. When the hour of warning comes, the only harbor of light on this earth is that of which I come with — for I Am Jesus, the light of the world, the very vessel in which mankind passes from this life to eternal life. Now go forth, My children, and be My light in this dark world, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

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1 That is, evil will not reign during that hour of mercy: the period during and after the Warning.
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