Léandre Lachance – Very Soon My Kingdom Will Burst Forth

Léandre Lachance is a retired businessman from Quebec who authored three volumes of “spiritual conversations” with Jesus between 1996 and 2002. These writings bear a double Imprimatur from Cardinal Janis Pujats of Riga and also the Archbishop of Moscow Paolo Pezzi.

Fr. Ngondo David, CICM, Doctor of Theology, writes:

[Leandre] feels a power that urges him to write without knowing in advance the words and phrases that will come… His purpose [in sharing these words] was not to acquire some kind of personal glory, but he really believed that, as a testimony, this book might be helpful to those who will want to make the fulfilling of the will of God a priority in their lives. [1]Foreward. For the Happiness of My Own Chosen Ones.

Central to his messages is a long-term vision of the preparation of the “Civilization of Love” (of which John Paul II spoke) and a “New Earth ” in conjunction with Christ’s Return (in grace). One of the principal ideas is that we do not have to merely wait for the New Earth to materialize in its fullness: like the Kingdom, it is already present in the hearts of those believers who are prepared to welcome it by total abandonment to the Will of God.

Although his messages span hundreds of pages, we for now share only a small selection related to this very website’s own theme: the Coming of the Kingdom.


Our Lord to Léandre Lachance:

Very soon, My Kingdom will burst forth on this earth: this hour belongs to My Father. This great event is prepared by the purification of hearts. I want My chosen ones to be totally pure, something that is impossible on your own. With your consent, I purify. This is My work and not yours. —November 24, 1996

The Love you feel is the Love of the Father that is circulating freely in My Heart; it is that of My Blessed Mother and of all the hearts who have let themselves be grafted onto Mine. There is space there to graft all the hearts on earth. Too many in My Church have believed that this circulation of Love was reserved for a few privileged souls. That is false; how I would love to sound the trumpet, to make it resound at the four corners of the earth and tell everyone individually and collectively, day and night, that in My Heart and in that of the Father, there is room for everyone without exception. Come! Come! Come all of you! Let yourselves be loved! It is time to let yourselves be purified in the Fire of My Love, otherwise you will be purified through the fire of tribulations. I love you; I gave My Life for you; I do not want to see you suffer; I want you all to be happy. As for Me, I bear within Myself the overflowing Love of the Father and His decision is irrevocable: His Love will flow on earth as in Heaven.

For two thousand years, I have taught My Apostles what believers repeat to the Father: ‘Your will be done, Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.’ The hour has come! Blessed are you, children of the earth, for entering this new earth at this time. Understand that nothing impure can dwell there. The purification has begun and it will be completed: it will be brought about either by the Love flowing through the hearts that give their ‘yes’ or through sufferings of all kinds. —January 14, 1997

By becoming Love, you become a very powerful weapon, an arrow capable of striking targets that appear inaccessible to you for the great battle that is being waged at present – the battle of battles. For at the moment when the Enemy will appear, in the eyes of men, to have established his kingdom on earth and have dominated it, he will be chased from it completely. Evil will disappear and it will be the Kingdom of God on this earth. The Army, led by My Most Blessed Mother and of which you are a part, is very powerful on the invisible level for it is assisted by all the Saints of Paradise and the Holy Angels. Therefore, you have nothing to fear, you are on the side of the Winner and victory is assured. —January 20, 1997

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1 Foreward. For the Happiness of My Own Chosen Ones.
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