Luisa – On the Paths to Heaven or Purgatory

Our Lord Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta on November 3, 1926:

Even though the suffrages and everything that the Church does always descend into Purgatory, they go, however, to those who have formed the paths. For the others, who have not done my Will, the paths are closed or do not exist at all. If these were saved, it is because at least at the point of death they have recognized the Supreme dominion of my Will, they have adored It, and have submitted themselves to It. This last act has rescued them; otherwise they could not even be saved. For one who has always done my Will, there are no paths for Purgatory — his path goes straight to Heaven. And one who has recognized my Will and has submitted himself to It, not in everything and always, but in great part, has formed so many paths and receives so much, that Purgatory sends him quickly to Heaven.

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