Luisa Piccarreta – Let us Look Beyond

Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta , April 24th, 1927:

Ah! my daughter, grave things are to happen. In order to reorder a kingdom, a house, a general uproar happens first, and many things perish-some lose, others gain. In sum, there is chaos, a greater struggling, and many things are suffered in order to reorder, renew and give a new shape to the kingdom, or the house. There is more suffering and more work to do if one must destroy in order to rebuild, than if one only had to build. The same will happen in order to rebuild the Kingdom of My Will. How many innovations need to be made. It is necessary to turn everything upside down, to knock down and destroy human beings, to upset the earth, the sea, the air, the wind, the water, the fire, so that all may put themselves at work in order to renew the face of the earth, so as to bring the order of the new Kingdom of My Divine Will into the midst of creatures. Therefore, many grave things will happen, and in seeing this, if I look at the chaos, I feel afflicted; but if I look beyond, in seeing the order and My new Kingdom rebuilt, I go from a deep sadness to a joy so great that you cannot comprehend… My daughter, let us look beyond, that we may be cheered. I want to make things return as in the beginning of Creation…

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