Luz – A Decisive Time for Humanity

Our Lord Jesus to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on May 22nd, 2021:

My dearly beloved People: I gave myself for you on the Cross in order to redeem you from sin, out of love. You are My People whom I entrusted to My Mother, whom you should love. My children have lost their sanity, devoting themselves to continually committing sins with which they seriously offend My Heart, using the Gift of the word in order to reject Me and to accept the orders of evil as a manual for living. They remain blinded: spiritually blind leading the blind, going towards the abyss in this way.
You are living in an intense, decisive and crucial time for humanity, a time that human beings have not experienced in human history. You find yourselves at a point when:

– Some say that they know Me, yet do not fulfill My Precepts.
– Others say that they know Me, yet they live putting their brothers and sisters to death by the sword of the word. [1]cf. James 3:1-12 on the tongue
– Others say they know Me without knowing My Word in Sacred Scripture.
– Others say that they know Me, yet they receive Me in mortal sin, continually crucifying me by receiving me in that condition.
So many continually crucify Me!
So many desecrate My Body and Blood!
So many within My Church wound Me deeply by belonging to various evil organizations!
I am being crucified by a large part of humanity with no qualms whatsoever. I warned about this and it has become a reality. I am being stripped of what is Mine in order for it to be handed over to the son of perdition. [2]cf. 2 Thess 2:3 They are advancing upon My Mystical Body, trampling it, imposing themselves, establishing great heresies and sacrileges in broad daylight, without hiding themselves under cover of the night as they used to do — those who, calling themselves My ministers, have already emerged from their lairs, revealing their grave sin, which had been hidden. [3]Ez. 34:1-11

My People, My Will is that My People would be doers of My Will, not accepting false doctrines or false guidelines with which My Will is being betrayed and My Word distorted. [4]Col. 2:8 This is the time when the son of perdition is acting through his vassals so as not to be seen. He knows that humanity is approaching the Warning [5]Revelations about the Great Warning for humanity… and that in the face of the trials it faces and those it will shortly face, it is permeable to sin, and he is tempting humanity in order to cause you to forget about Me.
My People must be careful: the vultures that have been circling are now attacking in order to wound, divide, or kill you. Do not neglect personal prayer or the practice of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, without which prayer is incomplete.
Act, My children! My Word must be known by all My children now without wasting any time. The wolves have taken off their sheep’s clothing and are attacking without any disguise; there are only a few who still remain dressed as lambs while being wolves. These will suffer severely at the time of the Warning.
The son of perdition [6]Prophecies about world hunger: read… is holding power on Earth through his elite, waiting to appear in front My People, even if My People do not want it. He will invade the minds of all by means of his global presentation at the same time throughout the Earth.
My children, disease is continuing; famine will come sooner than you think; [7]About the son of perdition, the Antichrist: read… the reduction of the world’s population has begun with the present disease, and they will continue with this demonic plan. You need to convert now before the next event arrives without My children deciding to make true changes. You cannot continue being the same people who walk dressed in rags. Entrust yourselves to Me out of love; stop seeing yourselves as being free from errors when you are continually exuding them.
Prepare, prepare, prepare!
Pray for the United States, it will suffer a great earthquake.
Pray for Bolivia: it will be shaken. The rebellious people of Argentina will be shaken. Pray for Japan: it will be shaken.
Pray for Central America: it will suffer from the shaking of its soil.
Pray: volcanoes continue to awaken. My children are not obeying me: they continue with their commotion and will receive the fruit of disobedience towards My House.
My Mother and My beloved St Michael the Archangel have provided you with medicines to fight the current diseases and those to come. Bless the food that you put in your mouths. The contamination of the fruits of the earth is harmful for the human body.
My People: Pay attention! Danger is lurking, do not waste time. Make haste! Conversion is urgent: it is vital that you remain attentive regarding events in My Church. Do not be afraid, My People: be faithful to My House and to My Mother, do not fear. Seal your homes and be true. My blessing is for all those who accept this appeal with respect and attention.
Your Jesus 

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin



Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: Our Lord Jesus Christ calls us emphatically to conversion so that we would be able to keep the Faith in times to come when personal Faith will be tested.

We are still in the moments prior to the serious and great changes announced by Our Lord, by Our Blessed Mother and by St. Michael the Archangel. Moments that seemed far off at a time when some of our brothers and sisters did not even want to read prophecies, viewing them as being very far removed from this generation.

Our Lord asks us to seal our homes, and He showed me how to do so, by anointing the frame of the entrance to the house with blessed water or blessed oil while saying the prayer of invocation to St. Michael the Archangel.

Brothers and sisters, let us soften hearts of stone. The abyss or Salvation stand before us and are taking definitive shape in front of this generation. Let us not be foolish: conversion is necessary. As a generation, we are already living in the time foretold: let us choose Salvation. We are the faithful People and therefore let us not desert. Let us ready ourselves in order for the Holy Spirit to revive His Gifts in each one of us so that we might serve Our Lord as His true children.


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