Luz – A New Virus Will Appear

Jesus to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 18th, 2022:

My beloved people, receive My blessing. I bless your spiritual bodies, your physical bodies, and all their organs. I bless your family ties. I bless respect, unity and truth. I bless charity and honesty. I bless parents and children. I bless every home. I bless your minds and thoughts. I bless every word so that everything that comes to you and goes out from you would be for the good of the soul and for your salvation.

You are free, My children, free to serve in My vineyard, free to love Me and to love My Most Holy Mother. You have free will so that each person might decide whether or not to follow Me.  Within that freedom, each of you has the gift of discernment by which each person individually knows that in order to stand firm in the spiritual life, he/she must know the foundations that make the structure strong and firm.

The foundations of My House are written with the love of My Father, with My Blood, and with My Holy Spirit. I have remained with My children in order to nourish them and so that they would walk along My path; I have given them My Mother so that they would love Her and divine assistance so that they would not remain alone. My children are recognized by their love for their neighbor, by their fraternity among themselves: this is the sign that they are My children. [1]cf. Jn 13:35.

My people, the spiritual battle is intensifying; the power of evil has unleashed its rider upon humanity, bringing the scourges of nature, famine, disease, and the fall of the economy, advancing from country to country, with the purpose of cultivating wrath in My children so that they would be aggressors and thieves. My beloved people, you continue not to understand that human beings who live far from Me are prey to evil. Those who are weak, due to not receiving Me, those who do not amend their way of sin, of pride, of disobedience, of concupiscence, are in grave danger of falling prey to evil, of becoming the servants of evil and of condemning themselves.

Pride, man’s great evil, is a great danger for the soul at this very moment, because it opens the doors to Satan more than before. You must live each moment in order to grow spiritually, not so that evil would lead you away from Me. The spiritual life is not static, My children: you must constantly call upon Me so that I may work and act in and with you. I am not a stranger, “I am your God,” [2]Ex 3:14 and I love you. I seek you by every means so that you may come to Me; I do not want you to be lost. Heed my calls, do not let them pass you by.  If you would see what is approaching, you would change ipso facto, without doubts or reservations. My people are hard, and that is why they experience such great trials.

A new virus will appear. . . I call you to use the plant called Fumaria officinalis L., with its stems, flowers and leaves, marigold for the skin and garlic [3]Medicinal plants:. Without fear, trust in My love for My people; I have already mentioned to you that humanity will change; war will spread. My children, I warn you so that you would draw near to Me and begin to convert. Invite Me to remain in you; in this way you will turn away from sin. Each one of you is My great treasure. Call Me and do not separate yourselves from Me.

I love you; enter into My Heart.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin 

Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters, we find ourselves before a very specific call from Our Lord Jesus Christ to renounce worldly things and return to Him. The subtle background of what is happening is not known to us, but to those who belong to the elites; Our Lord’s guidance in this respect is therefore one more blessing for each one of us.

As Our Lord Jesus Christ has told us in detail, spiritual warfare goes beyond temptation or a fall. At this moment the devil is pouncing upon us in order to rob us of the possibility of conversion. Every wrong step is an opportunity for the devil, and he comes immediately in order to act.

Our Lord tells us that we are free: we have free will. We can decide between good or evil, but man has free will in order to choose the good that makes him whole, not evil.  He possesses intelligence in order to seek the truth and not error that confuses him. What happens is that many run after what the majority want, and sometimes they have no idea what they are going to do, nor do they discern the consequences.  We are therefore called by Our Lord to be fraternal, to be witnesses of His love. This is how we are distinguished as Christians: in loving one another.


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1 cf. Jn 13:35
2 Ex 3:14
3 Medicinal plants:
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