Luz de Maria – Creation Itself is Deploying Against Man

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on September 5, 2020:

Beloved People of God:

Let God’s faithful rejoice!

Let those who repent of their wrongful acts rejoice! Let those who refuse to enter the web of evil rejoice!

Religious people are being trapped by evil which is besmirching them with the mud that stains the soul: this is because they are not spiritual.

What is forbidden is taking hold of man, walking complacently through evil’s dense and sickening darkness, becoming lost in the various sacrileges with which humanity at this moment is rejecting what is Divine.

Creation is God’s work, not man’s, therefore creation itself is deploying its most fearsome force against man, so that man would return to God and acknowledge Him as the master and sovereign of all creation.

The People of God are lost and confused (1), contaminated by the filth of evil as a result of flirting with evil and allowing it to replace the Divine, thereby refusing to be true Christians, zealous defenders of true doctrine.

Do not accept innovations!

You are living in the midst of all kinds of great events; rebellions are increasing as man protests against captivity. Media of mass communication are controlled by the great global elites steeped in the supremacy of the powerful over the weak.

What pain is approaching for humanity!

Some will suffer first and others later.

No land will be free from mourning.

Hunger has come on its horse to touch the Earth …

Ferocious pests are devouring areas of crops…

To man’s surprise, water is flooding crops in some places, while in other places the scorching sun will not allow crops to grow…

O, suffering humanity!

Turn back to our King and Lord Jesus Christ, adore the precious blood of our King.

You, creatures of Faith, should live each moment as if it were your last.

The treasure of Christianity is being withheld and denied to the People of God.

In the midst of human chaos due to the fall of the global economy, the dragon with its heads will impose itself (cf. Rev 12:3; 13:1), depriving Christianity of what cannot be eroded.

The elite promoting global order (2) are negotiating with small countries in order to mark their passage towards a single government before the economy falls, holding their debtors in their clutches.

People of God:

How is it that you have so little Faith in Divine power? You fear dying of hunger, but you have no fear of losing eternal salvation.

People of God:

The earth will shake fiercely and the sea will flood the land (3); remain attentive to devastating earthquakes; wake up, do not carry on sleeping.

Pray, People of God, America is repeatedly in the news.

Pray, People of God, Spain will be in the news. When Faith falls, communism will arise. (4)

Pray, People of God, England will suffer.

Pray, People of God, a celestial body will take the Earth by surprise.

What is happening is necessary; man must bend his knees and thus understand that he needs to be spiritual in order to taste what is Divine. Do not feel that you are the masters of the Most Holy Trinity – aspire to be spiritual, fight against the misused human ego and be humble creatures of God possessing great love and holiness.

Two forces are fighting over souls: good against evil. Who has goodness and who has evil?… this is to be judged by what you have in your conscience.

Pray, repair wrongs committed, love your neighbor as yourself, respect the Divine Law, be true and do not depart from Our Queen and Mother of Heaven and Earth.

The wise person gives drink to the thirsty without judging whether they are worthy or not. Do good as Christ has reserved good for you!

The Angel of Peace will come just as unforeseen events come to Earth – without being expected. With peace on his lips he will unite hearts. (5)

With greater strength, humanity will regain the spirituality it has lost and will be renewed. Therefore, do not fear purification: pray and keep the Faith, so that as the Faithful Remnant you might be freed by Divine love and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our Queen and Mother.

Pray, desire the good of your brothers and sisters; be love and send that love to your fellow men, desire the good.

Adulterous humanity is mocking the Divine by bringing what is profane into God’s House; this sin is very serious in God’s Eyes.

Fear losing Eternal Life.

By Divine Decree, you are protected by the Celestial Legions.

Do not fear, do not fear, do not forget to do good; be love, do not allow impatience to lead you into pride.

Do not fear, children of God!

Do not fear!

Continue in Faith, nourish your Faith, fulfill the Divine Law. (cf. Mt 12:37-39)

Worship God in spirit and truth.

Who is like God?

There is none like God!

St Michael the Archangel

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


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