Luz de Maria – Humanity Proceeds Without Recognizing the Signs

Our Lord to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on August 25th, 2020:

Beloved People of Mine:

I keep My gaze upon you, without missing a single act or work of My People whom I love.

Humanity proceeds without recognizing the signs and signals of this time in which Trinitarian Love is shaping a new event so that you would open your eyes and minds and convert, not giving human reasons for what is happening, each event being greater than those that occurred in the past.

I invite you to conversion, to spiritual change, being the only thing that can keep you alive in the midst of the sea of ​​grief.

“Whoever wants to be My disciple, let them take up their cross and follow Me.” (Mt 16:24).

My faithful children are persecuted, slandered, misunderstood, defamed, and those who act like this towards My children will experience in their consciences how much they have been in error, and they will groan in the valley of tears when they recognize that they were wrong.

There is no true way without a cross, so you must take this dimension into account in your discernment. My true instruments walk amidst the spitting, the slaps, the envy of their brothers, the calumnies and the injustices of those who call themselves their brothers (cf. Lc 4:24).

If this is how those who say that they are My children behave, what of those who have surrendered to the Devil?

For this reason, there are constant threats to world peace, and it is hanging by a thread, hence the importance of Faith in Divine protection to which, as My People, you have been entrusted, hence the need to remain vigilant, attentive, in a state of spiritual alertness, so that you would not fall into pride and so that your prayer would not be empty.

You must remain attentive to My Calls, totally attentive, and remain faithful to My Love, to My Truth, to My Law, so that you would not accept innovations in My Church which are not of My Will, but the human will aiming to distort My Word and thus to lead My children away from Me.

It is the time of man’s greatest defiance towards his Lord and his God; this is the time when Faith must grow and, like yeast, multiply out towards his brothers and sisters (cf. Mt 13:33-35) so that they would not fall prey to the tentacles of Satan.

 Pray, My children, pray, given that so much will happen to humanity.

 Pray, My children, as those who despise Me are wounding My Mystical Body.

 Pray, My children, pray, the earth will shake with great intensity, the ring of fire will be tinged with blood.

 Pray My children, pray, convert! Convert!

 Pray in season and out of season, pray with the heart, offering the love that resides in your hearts.

My Mother and I welcome you with Love, My Mercy awaits you. Fear not. I remain with you.

I bless you.

Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


 Brothers and sisters:

In these decisive times for humanity, prayer must be our nourishment for drawing closer to living in Christ and for Christ, thereby increasing Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and living in His Will.

Brothers and sisters, our beloved Lord lets us know that what the geologists call the ring of fire will comes into action with colossal force, so much so that the fault line will stain the earth with blood.

At the same time, he also told me about the blood moons that we will see, saying to me:

“Man views the red moon (*) as an astronomical spectacle, and it is; however, it marks the passage of the greatest events for humanity.”

We must also be attentive to what is extremely important for the spiritual journey of the People of God: remaining attached to the Tradition of the Church, as we have been warned as to her future.

Let us not fear: the Holy Trinity and our Mother protect their People, and the People must be faithful and true.


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