Luz de Maria – Humanity Will Face Catastrophes

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on December 21st, 2020:

Beloved People of God:

Receive the blessing coming from the Father’s House.

The commemoration of the Birth of the Redeemer of humanity should lead the human being to reflect on the need for immediate reconciliation with the Most Holy Trinity, in the face of the serial confusion that the People of God are facing and will face.

You cannot see the birth of your Savior as an isolated event that occurred, but as one that is alive, constantly being renewed in the hearts of those who remain faithful to Him.

Just as Christ your Savior remained attached to the Cross of Glory and Majesty without detaching himself from It, so you as His People must cling to the promises of Salvation through Divine Love and Mercy which surpasses human understanding. For this reason, man does not understand Divine action that loves and forgives, forgives and loves what human beings would not forgive.

The tribulations for this generation will not delay; they are appearing in every place, in every state, in every field, even the most unlikely.

The great human tragedy is disobedience towards the Divine Will. The great betrayal of mankind has been fostered by the disordered human ego, like a wild steed that goes where it wishes without thinking about the consequences of its actions.

Every human being is responsible for their work and actions…

During the Warning you will not see whether you worked or acted as a consequence of the actions of others, but you will look at yourselves regarding your personal works and acts, which ought to make you react, act, forgive and love as adults, as human creatures of God, and to be in the likeness of the Divine Master at all times.

You must not continue living, working and behaving like the lukewarm. This time gives no opportunity for the lukewarm. During the rebellion of Lucifer, there was no opportunity for the lukewarm; the angels who acted indecisively, being lukewarm, were thrown out of Heaven.

This is the law of “yes, yes” or “no, no”.

The spiritual person continues being spiritual even in the greatest and most tragic trials. Those who are not spiritual, in times of trial, may grow to attain the greatest spiritual heights, or in the greatest trials they may go back to lamenting within their “ego”: they fall and it becomes difficult for them to recognize that they are lukewarm.

This is what I mean:

Because this generation will be imminently facing tests of Faith, and knowing that everything is derived from the Faith that the human creature possesses, this Faith is manifested by the quality of human beings’ action towards their fellow men in terms of their work and behaviour, in their treatment of them, in their words, in their company, in their sharing, in the decorum that our King and Lord Jesus Christ displayed in the most difficult moments that he faced as the Man-God.

Isolation continues: evil requires this virus not to stop, so that humanity would be plunged into despair, and so that evil would thus take control of everything that exists.

The human being anxiously takes what is offered to it out of fear of infection, without considering that, as the virus continues to grow, what is offered will be unable to combat it.

May this Christmas be a time of reflection to strengthen your spirits. Therefore, this December 24, receive from our and your Queen and Mother availability for service to your fellow men, together with the humility that is only possessed by those who surrender to God and declare themselves to be his slaves, fulfilling the Divine Will in everything.

Allow Faith to increase, virtues to grow and gifts to flourish of which you are bearers as children of God.

That the world order is taking possession of future events and controlling humanity is no secret, and within this process, it is unfortunate that some consecrated to God are capitulating, accepting the deceptive innovations of the shameful modern trends of the false church.

The Earth is continuing its process of purification, and therefore humanity will suffer, facing serious catastrophes and thereby costing human lives.

The conversion and instruction of children in the values ​​that this generation has lost is urgent, so that these children would make reparation for so many offenses committed against the Most Holy Trinity and against Our and your Queen and the Mother of Heaven and Earth.

Pray, People of God, pray for your brothers and sisters so that they would recognize the wrong that they have done.

Pray, People of God, pray for yourselves that you would make reparation for the wrong that you have done.

Pray, People of God, pray that the contamination of the senses (1) would not affect you and that you would not follow the masses.

Pray for human beings who are perishing.

Unite as God’s People, love Our and your Queen and Mother of the End Times.

This December 24, offer love and truth as an offering to the “Alpha and Omega” (Rev 22:13), who while being in a manger is the King of all that exists.

I bless you.

Call on me, call on your Guardian Angel.

Who is like God?

There is none like God!

St Michael the Archangel


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters:

St Michael the Archangel speaks to us between the lines in some respects, but very clearly.

“Let the one who has ears hear.” (Mt 13:9).


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