Luz de Maria – I am Preparing You

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on October 3, 2020:

Beloved People of God: I come in the name of the Most Holy Trinity to call you to conversion. Humanity has become sick with a lack of faith, due to its impoverished spirituality, indecision, its uncertainties, and because of its attachment to what is worldly and sinful. The only cure at this time is conversion in order to be able to survive in the midst of the fierce attacks of all kinds via which the devil is going to spew his hatred upon humanity (cf. Mk 1:15; Acts 17:30 ).

You must pray, offer up and make reparation, putting spiritual growth into daily practice (cf. Eph 4:15; Col 1:10) so that each person would be another’s Simon of Cyrene. In this way the People of God, although tested and purified, will be more visible (cf. I Thess 3:12). You will not be so numerically, but through your spirituality and dedication.

Nourish yourselves with the Body and Blood of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, properly prepared; nourish yourselves in spirit and truth, grow—this is urgent so that you would not falter and so that you would save your souls. Within the Mystical Body, many people are lost due to communions received in a state of sin, failing as regards the Commandments of God’s Law.

This rebellious People have forgotten God: they have regressed, surrendering to the tentacles of Satan and his machinations, accepting the progress of the World Order. When they wake up, this generation will be immersed in their cruellest suffering, derided by the henchmen of the antichrist, scourged by nature and prevented from taking decisions.

Satan’s anger has befallen man; disease has taken over man’s mind,[1]Preoccupation with fear, survival, etc. unleashing unexpected reactions and isolating the Earth’s inhabitants. It has turned homes into centers of indoctrination and technological dependency. Love of neighbor has cooled to the point of almost disappearing;[2]cf. Matthew 24:12: “…and because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold.” the human being is acting like a robot without being one.

Greater calamities will cause terror within humanity.

Pray, children of God, pray: heavenly bodies will cause terror for humanity.[3]Threats from celestial bodies; see here

Pray, children of God, pray: war will no longer be a mere idea.

Pray, children of God, pray: America is falling prey to hatred.

Pray, children of God, pray: the earth will shake forcefully. America will shake: pray for Costa Rica.

People of God, you are crossing swampy terrain; the Global Elite are acting against humanity, unleashing migrations from one country to another. The economy will fall into the hands of tyrants; man is being replaced by technology. The children of God should apply themselves to becoming more spiritual and strengthening themselves so as not to falter, being shields that prevent misused technology’s control over man. They must retain the assurance of God’s power over evil

I am preparing you for what is standing at the gate… Do not allow fear to overwhelm you; instead, be creatures of Faith, live with the assurance of Our protection. Do not fear what is to come, but remain assured of God’s Protection towards His faithful. Do not dismiss my warnings; do not fear, fear is not a characteristic of God’s children. Take shelter in the arms of our and your Queen and Mother; be creatures of faith, immovable, strong and firm; be love and counteract evil. Do not retreat, be firm in the faith, be creatures of faith (cf. Phil 4:19; I Jn 5:14). Adore the Most Holy Trinity, love and take shelter in our Queen and Mother; call us and we will protect you.

Who is like God? There is none like God! 

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1 Preoccupation with fear, survival, etc.
2 cf. Matthew 24:12: “…and because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold.”
3 Threats from celestial bodies; see here
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