Luz de Maria – Keep Your Lamps Burning

Our Lady to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on December 23rd, 2020:

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

I bless each one of my children and I ask them to accompany Saint Joseph and me in worshiping my Son in the manger.

I want every heart to be a manger in which My Son receives the shelter that he needs, in which the straw loses its hardness and turns into threads of silk wrapped around the Divine Child…

I want each of you to change your indifference into love for your brothers and sisters: “give and it will be given to you.”

Set aside your bad habits, your foolish thoughts, feelings that lead you to crawl along spiritually, and from now on, by your own decision, enter the cocoon of kindness, good behavior, good habits, so that from it would emerge the most resplendent spirit, elevating you. May your foolishness disappear and your feelings become altruistic. This is Love, children, the Hidden Treasure, Divine Love that is alive and pulsating in the human being, which cannot be stolen by thieves or eaten by moths.

You need to keep your lamps burning and keep watch so that you would open up to My Son as soon as he arrives and calls you.

Poor children of Mine who do not believe and who poison hearts! In the time of trial they will feel the weight of their mistrust and the pain of having despised the path that was leading them to the Good.

Each one of you is a masterpiece, and it is necessary for you to find the Divine Imprint once again and convert, reaching the heights of humility, generosity, goodness, charity and simplicity, since it is not those who are very intelligent and have exhaustive knowledge who will manage to find the Divine Imprint within themselves and reach the spiritual heights, but the humble and simple of heart.

Whoever decides to look for My Son without truly being authentic will be pruned if necessary, uprooted and planted again so that they would be reborn with new strength, thirsting to find my Son.

This generation has quenched its thirst with putrid waters, contaminated with false ideologies into which blasphemies, sacrileges and innocent blood have been poured, into which they have thrown the Commandments and the Sacraments, in which they have tried to dissolve the Divine Ink dictated by the inspiration of the Divine Spirit in the Magisterium of the Church of My Son.

I call you to be part of the Holy Remnant, and as part of that faithful Remnant, always worship my Son in spirit and truth. I do not want you to love me more than my Son.

Humanity is sighing for the past without reflecting on where you are being led; humanity, deaf and blind of its own free will, is throwing itself into the abyss.

Faced with these outbursts of offenses against my Divine Child, I urge to make reparation with a Triduum dedicated to my Divine Son, beginning on December 26 and concluding on December 28.


First Day



On this day, my offering is to abstain from harbouring any thoughts against my fellow men.


Oh Divine Child, give me Your Love so that I would love without distinction; being in Your likeness, give me Your Love so that Your Will and not mine would prevail within me.

Little Infant Jesus, living God, come and stay in my heart, and may my thoughts offer warmth to drive away the cold that creatures’ bad thoughts are causing you.

Come, my beloved Child, penetrate my soul, do not let me separate myself from You.

I offer to make reparation to you for my bad personal thoughts, for the times when I have put a brother or sister to death with my words: cleanse me, beloved Child, heal this heart of mine.

Give me thirst for You, I beseech You, so that I might tirelessly seek You and so that my Faith might not run dry, but rather grow at every moment of my life.

I adore you, Infant Jesus, in every human creature. I bless you, Infant Jesus, in the name of my fellow men and in my own name.

I, (say your name) entrust myself to You, and along with me, with a firm and healthy intention, I entrust my family and all humanity.



Second Day



On this day I offer to resist wrong feelings towards my fellow men and to be authentic in my Christian life.


Oh Divine Child, give me Your Love so that I would acknowledge my errors; give me wisdom and humility to accept that I am a learner making my way and that my reasoning is not always correct.

Give me Your Humility so that I would learn to appreciate the knowledge of my brothers and sisters.

Little Child Jesus, True God, live in my heart so that I would not deny my Faith in You, and so that I would make reparation for the times when I have chosen worldly things and denied You.

May my good intentions result in concrete actions that make reparation for my faults with the firm resolve not to offend you.

Come, my beloved Child, take hold of me, heal my mind and my thinking, allowing my eyes to see the pain of others at all times.

Give me thirst for you, I beseech you, so as not to offend you in the face of trials, threats and human power; may I be faithful to Your Majesty on every occasion.

Child Jesus, I adore you in every human creature; I bless you, Child Jesus, in the name of my fellow men and in my own name.

I, (say your name) entrust myself to You, and along with me, with a firm and healthy resolve, I entrust my family and all humanity.



Third Day



On this day I offer the nothingness that I am, and I acknowledge You, Infant Jesus, as my King, my God and my Lord. I want to adore you forever, throughout all eternity.

I beseech you: heal my mind, my thinking, my heart – in a word, my whole being.

May I detach myself from what pulls me towards evil, and surrendering totally to You, may I recover my devotion to You that I left behind on the way.

I offer you the righteousness of My acts without looking at those of others.


Oh, Divine Child, give me hope so that I might not fall while passing through this life. May I be a useful servant in Your vineyard and not an obstacle to the fulfilment of Your Will by allowing pride to be my guide.

Grant me Your surrender to the Will of Your Father, so that my good intentions might result in the action that You desire and so that I might be a faithful servant without becoming discouraged.

Little Infant Jesus, True God, live in me so that charity might be the way and the testimony that you live in me.

Give me the strength not to deny You, but to be a faithful witness, bringing my fellow men closer to You without claiming the glory for myself, but being the least of Your servants.

Come, my beloved Child; I, (say your name) consecrate myself to You at this time, so that from now on You, Infinite Divinity, would be the master of my path.

May my feet follow in Your footsteps without offending my fellow men. May I recognize Your Divinity in my brothers and sisters, and may my fellow men not be affected by my hardened heart.

I consecrate myself to You, infinite Purity, and with a right and healthy intention I consecrate my family and all human beings so that evil would be driven away from humanity and so that You would come soon to reign in all hearts.

Today I declare with complete freedom that You, Infant Jesus, are the True and Eternal God, that You are the Beginning and the End, infinite Mercy; I therefore trust that by Your Goodness You will accept this Consecration of mine as an indelible seal for ever and ever.




Dear children, if your Churches are open to the faithful, attend the Celebration of the Eucharist during this Triduum. I bless you. 


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