Luz de Maria – On Manipulating Minds

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on February 22nd, 2021:

Beloved People of God, I share with you Divine Love.

Children of the Most Holy Trinity: You are protected at every moment in your works and actions so that you would remain on the path that leads you to eternal life, without violating your free will. You should continually examine yourselves so that neither your works nor your behavior would lead you to give testimony contrary to the Divine Love that warns you. People of God, do not stray onto other paths: continue fulfilling the Divine Will so that you would remain safe.

Humanity needs to be in union with the Most Holy Trinity, with Our Queen and Mother of Heaven and Earth, with the Commandments of God’s Law. Humanity is easily deceived due to its lack of Faith, due to an infinity of liberal ideas, sects and ideologies that, dressed up as good, are circulating without the People of God realizing their purpose, which is to lead them astray and to make them fall completely into the hands of evil. You are easy prey for those who are sent by evil in order to stir up humanity and to make it rebel in everything and against everything that is impregnated with good. They control people’s minds when they are weak and unspiritual, when they do not reason and do not resist the insinuations of evil. Some think that they are mature in the Faith when this is not the case. Their minds take them wherever they please, at their whim, allowing insults towards Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, towards Our Queen and Mother and towards the Gift of Life to come out of their mouths. (Rom. 12:2)

People of God, you are losing your serenity, your reason, the axis within you that ought to keep you focused on Divine Work and Action, and instantly you fall like the Pharisees, allowing all kinds of filth and insults towards your neighbor to come out of your mouth. Wearers of masks! You need to convert now before daylight fades and darkness becomes the master of desolation. You have surrendered Humanity’s destiny into demonic hands by supporting unnatural laws that offend the Divine Heart. You accept whatever reaches you without thinking about it; your normal work and way of life have been curtailed in order to prepare you for the public appearance of the Antichrist. People of God, the elite have been governing the whole of humanity behind the scenes. Now they have ceased to be a myth for the majority and are appearing before the face of all people, demonstrating that economic power has been leading humanity at will.

Why is it that they are appearing in front of you, children of God? They are your leaders, and they want their faces to be known by the majority so that when they issue orders, you would accept them. And this is the critical “moment” for which the world elite have been waiting: you are there, which is why they are showing all their plans to you in advance so that you would not reject them. As the Prince of the Heavenly Legions, I therefore call on you to proclaim together with Me: “Father, thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

The People of God must be heard praying, working and acting in Divine Love so that they would defeat the enemy of the soul. Prayer that gives testimony is not only expressed with the voice, but with the heart, reaching its culmination with one’s neighbor. Such work and action also weakens the Devil and his followers, who have taken hold of the main earthly powers in order to circulate directives that are contrary to the Divine Word.

People of God, are you expecting persecution? Yes, you will be persecuted once the power of evil has tested you in the Faith, once it has made you feel helpless and weak… But it will not succeed in doing this to the faithful People—who have converted and who have conviction. (1 Peter 1:7) In the Triune God, united under the protection of our and your Queen and Mother, and accepting the protection of the heavenly host and the blessed souls addressed by all personal devotions, God’s People will stop the attacks of the Devil, who wishes to infiltrate the minds of the true People of God by manipulating their subconscious.

The great interests behind earthly power know how to penetrate the human subconscious and have already installed everything they need for this purpose. Large antennae, apparently for new technological reception and transmission, are the means for penetrating the human subconscious and leading people to work and behave contrary to the Divine Will. [This should not be understood as overriding free will, but manipulating it. As early as 2008, Scientific American published new data revealing how brain waves can be altered through the electromagnetic signals utilized by cellphones. See “Mind Control by Cell Phone”. In 2010, they published another article titled: “Mind Reading and Mind Control Technologies Are Coming: We need to figure out the ethical implications before they arrive”. LiveScience published an article in May of 2019: “The Government Is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Weapons”. The Guardian reported that “Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour”, and MIT “Scientists Developed Magnetic Nanoparticles that can Remotely Modulate Neural Circuits”. These are the technologies that we know about, and all suggest a trend toward some way to manipulate the human mind.]

There is an antidote for this: Remaining within the true Faith… Living for good in your work and action… Loving God above all things and your neighbor as yourself… This will block the action of evil within you. If you remain in the requisite spiritual state, the presence of the Divine Spirit will deliver you from this evil. (Bear in mind the need to be “in the requisite spiritual state” in order for the Divine Spirit to act within you and so that you would possess the antidote against such governance.) This good will be enjoyed by those who are on the path of conversion and people who are walking on the way of Eternal Salvation.

This generation is facing domination by the elite, with the latter seizing power of everything and over everything on Earth, in order to hand humanity over to the Antichrist, consolidating the single religion, the single government, the single currency, the single education system, in their striving to imitate the Triune God. Do not lose faith, people of God: live without leaving the sphere of the Divine. Do not say: “I will stand firm until the end” – keep such words secretly within your hearts. Some who call themselves faithful to God will lose Faith out of fear and ignorance regarding these final events.

Brothers and sisters in the Faith are those who give and will give one another a helping hand in these times in which you find yourselves. Stay within the refuge of the Sacred Hearts of our King and Lord Jesus Christ and of our Queen and Mother. Afterwards you will be guided by my legions to the shelters prepared for your protection. Homes truly dedicated to the Sacred Hearts are already refuges. You will never be forsaken by the hand of God.

The suffering of the Earth will continue and with it the suffering of humanity. The Church of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ is being shaken; conflicts will lead her into schism. Keep the Faith, do not despair and do not be scattered; you are protected by my Legions, and the Divine Will has granted Our Queen and Mother the power to defeat Satan. Do not fear: God’s children have the assurance of Divine protection at all times.

 Pay attention, children of God, pay attention! The onslaughts of nature will continue – some from nature itself, others generated by men of science who are serving evil. Volcanoes will become active and the sea will be stirred up. God’s People should not falter as a result, but stand firm with faith in the protection of your Lord and God. People of God: Do not fear, do not fear, do not fear. You are not alone: have solid faith.

 In Divine Love.

St Michael the Archangel


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

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