Luz de Maria – Remain Safe in My Heart

Our Lady to Luz de Maria de Bonilla , April 8th, 2020:


Dearly beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

I bless you, I welcome you within My Heart so that in It all might remain safe.

Beloved children, remaining safe does not mean being freed from what will come, but facing it in peace, without despairing, with the Faith that—being children who fulfill the Divine Law and who entrust yourselves to My Son, being Love towards your brothers and sisters, and living out Hope and Charity, forgiving from the heart and remaining in prayer, not only in word, but practising prayer and protecting your brothers and sisters—you remain obedient to the Divine requests and Divine light will illuminate your path. 

Beloved children, at this time you must live Spiritual Communion to the full. Fully, with all your soul, powers and senses, with hearts overflowing with love for My Son, so that he might continue to be worshiped by his People. The strength of the People of God is infinite when that People live intimacy with my Son in spirit and truth, when the People of my Son carry with them the treasure of Heaven, which the moth cannot eat, nor thieves steal. (Mt 6:19-21); that People walk in harmony, in faith and love, because they can kill your body, but they cannot kill the soul. 

Beloveds, fear the one who leads your soul to perdition. 

Do not lose Faith, do not say: “what is there to live for, given what is to come?” On the contrary, creatures of little Faith, dispose yourselves to living the Divine Will in unity and compassion in order to merit Divine Mercy.

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, how many read these Revelations yet do not heed them; they do not look, they do not see, their ears are blocked, because their hearts remain hard! This is a time for you to be cautious, so that Divine Love might overflow within you in the face of so much pain being experienced by humanity. Be cautious regarding those who call you to view this virus as something else, when you know that it has emerged from human hands with the aim of reducing the world’s population.

Direct your prayers to humanity—prayers born from a pure heart; direct them to all your brothers and sisters so that they might reflect during this Holy Week when the Passion, death and Resurrection of My Son are commemorated. I see so many human beings who are the Simons of Cyrene of My Son’s Cross (cf. Mt 27:32) without being aware of it—Simons of Cyrene for their brothers and sisters who suffer and for whom they care lovingly!

This is my Son’s Cross, this is what you find in my Son’s Cross: “love, self-giving, hope, surrender, faith.” All those who are Simons of Cyrene for their brothers and sisters throughout the world, I say to you: the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is active and pulsates in each one of his children. 

Therefore, those who have sought to confine My Son’s People, My children, have made them grow in humility, in love, in piety, in dedication, in charity, in the Divine Will, and the People of My Son have increased; some who did not believe, now believe—they have seen miracles before their eyes and have been reborn in Faith. In the Faith of a People who do not falter, but who rather grow and make remembrance not only of My Son’s Passion, but of His Resurrection—and in that Resurrection are born those children who had gone down difficult paths and who had forgotten Love. They now turn to My Son and say to him: “Here I am, Lord Jesus Christ, to serve my brothers and sisters, to do Your Will.”

Those who have taken the devil for their god are in hiding, while My Son’s People pray and are found practising Divine Love, praying for one another without ceasing. And it is in the practice of love towards your brothers and sisters that the brother is another Christ, where what had been hidden, what had been forgotten wells up—love for my Son—and the human being blossoms for Eternal Life.

Do not fear, children, do not fear! In the midst of pain, the Love of My Son is born in His children. Therefore, the Most Holy Trinity have sent Heavenly legions to seal their People; this Divine grace is granted little by little for a time, until the faithful People, already purified, are one with their Lord and their God.

Do not fear! Am I not here, I who am your Mother?

I bless you.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin 


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