Luz – Disobedience…

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 7th:

Beloved children of the Most Holy Trinity, I am sent to bring the word that is the Divine Will. You received your world of blessings so that you would take care of it and make it fruitful [1]Genesis 1:28-30; instead, you have created destruction and chaos. You have used knowledge in order to create destruction in an unbridled race for power on earth. Although chaos is progressing, and they are determined to exterminate the people of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, no human being has the power to be the master of what is divine property. 

You received the world so that you would take care of it and nourish yourselves with its fruit, making it beautiful, at the same time; but disobedience has been the cause of great contradictions due to human ambition. The land is sinking in various countries, and the human race will continue to face such assaults.

Beloved children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, Europe will change! Starting with France, the fire of destruction has begun, caused by the violence that the devil has implanted within human beings. Invasions will spread, highly masked, so as to hide their true reason. France will fall into the hands of those whom it has welcomed.

Spain will be overtaken by the same violence. There will be the utmost suffering in Barcelona, engulfed in flames by people who will destroy it. Spain will shake due to the hatred of those attacking it from within.

Italy will suffer in the same way, being attacked with great fury. Italy will be invaded by those who deny Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, holding to their watchword of erasing every visible trace of God’s Will.

Pray, children: a heavenly body is approaching the earth. [2]Danger from asteroids:

Pray, children, pray: America will suffer due to the events in Europe.

Pray, children, pray: war has not disappeared – it is coming closer to you.

Pray, children, pray: humanity will bring out the worst of itself.

Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, lift up your faith and continue to adore the “King of kings and Lord of lords” (Rev. 19:16). Be firm in the faith and upright in your works and deeds. Bear in mind that the Angel of Peace [3]About the Angel of Peace: is not an angel of the heavenly court; he is someone chosen, instructed, and sent with words of peace that will come out of his mouth, with wisdom and spiritual power to face the Antichrist. You will recognize him because he is love, and his appearance will come after that of the Antichrist, so as not to be confused with him.

The Father’s House will not leave His people on their own, which is why the Angel of Peace is someone who will work and act completely within God’s Will. Do not be afraid of him; fear the Antichrist and fear losing your soul. My heavenly legions are attentive to the defense of the human race, although you need to do your part. Our Queen and Mother will show herself to humanity, but how many will venerate her? Our Queen and Mother will be present in the world’s basilicas and in humble, hidden chapels, where human beings, in humility, worship the “King of kings and Lord of lords” in fullness. With my sword held high, I bless you.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters, I received a call full of love, a warning from St Michael the Archangel. Heaven is pouring out blessings at a time when the flames of human violence are appearing, causing chaos and creating a smokescreen, while rumors of a world war will stop being rumors and will take humanity by surprise.

Brothers and sisters, this violence that we are seeing in France will spread throughout Europe, and America will not be exempt. Erasing every sign that reminds us of Christ is one of the instructions, this being the reason within some European countries – for removing the Catholic religion, erasing it and imposing a new set of beliefs.

Brothers and sisters, this is why faith is indispensable within those who adore Christ “in spirit and in truth.” We cannot confuse the Envoy from on high with the Antichrist. Our faith therefore needs to be strengthened, as well as our knowledge of Sacred Scripture, of the true Magisterium of the Church, and of daily events that interfere with the salvation of the human race.


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