Luz – Do Not Fear, Little Children…

Message of The Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on June 6, 2024:

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart, I love you and bless you. I offer you my womb so that you may find shelter in it and then work and act with love towards my Divine Son, above all, and with love towards your fellow men. At this moment, man is very confused and is following various paths that do not lead to eternal life; and man’s selfishness has invaded creation, it has invaded his very thoughts and is laying waste to him. At this moment, with pain in my Immaculate Heart, I must tell you that I see how my children are living in constant cruelty, in constant aggression. They are hurtful because they have stripped themselves of love, and by stripping themselves of love, they have become dehumanized.

My little children, go back to acknowledging my Divine Son as your Lord and your God (cf. Phil. 2:9-11), because in the midst of the trials that this generation is experiencing, you will later say, “What we experienced at that time was nothing compared to what we are experiencing at the moment”,  for what is coming for humanity, both from the forces of nature and from man himself, is exceedingly great suffering. You are living in a moment that is not just a moment, meaning that you are living in the time prior to the great battles that all of humanity will suffer. 

My children, the climate has changed throughout the earth. Crops will be lost due to the suffocating heat, and heavy rains will also ruin the crops. Thus great famine is becoming widespread on earth; but do not lose faith, because the great nations that live in opulence will fall into poverty, and the nations that live in poverty will have food after the great trial. Little children, great cities will be flooded, flooded by water much more than they are now, and misery will come to the fore in humanity. This is why I am warning you, little children, because signals are being given, moment by moment, so that you would not ignore the signs of the times. My little children, you should not wait to pray, to make reparation, to repent of the sins that you have committed in the past, of which you are aware and by which you are mortified.  Ask for forgiveness now (cf. Ps. 50) and return to the Sacrament of Reconciliation!

I know that you feel pain because of oppression and that you feel pain because of so much that is happening at the moment. But consider, little children, that if you give yourself the opportunity to go to the Sacrament of Confession, you will receive the great opportunity, the great blessing of the forgiveness of your sins. And if you have a firm resolution not to commit the same sin or to go back to sinning, and if you feel pain for what you have confessed, My little children, you will see divine assistance before you at the most crucial moments of humanity’s pain and suffering; for you will not go forward on your own, just as you have not been alone, little children. It is that heaven that will direct its people and will give them the food needed to provide them with the spiritual strength to not fall into horror and fear.

Beloved children, prepare to have a sincere, humble, loving, charitable heart, because in the depth of the love in each one of you, there resides the love of my Divine Son. I come with my motherhood to help you and so that you would be prepared, my little children, facing all that is to come.  Be love as my Son is love. Love and forgive one another (cf. I Peter 4:8). Here I am before you, my little children, offering you my womb, so that you may work and act according to how God Himself wants you to work and act. I bless you, beloved children of my Immaculate Heart. Remain in divine peace, and bear in mind that this Mother is with you. Do not fear, little children, I am your Mother! I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Stay in the peace of my Divine Son.

Mother Mary

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

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