Luz – Do Not Nourish The Devil By Being Impatient…

Message of The Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on June 28, 2024:

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart, receive my maternal blessing. I invite you to be closer to my Divine Son, faithfully fulfilling God’s Law, being more fraternal towards your brothers and sisters, as well as yourselves. Love one another, being creatures of good, respecting yourselves, understanding that your personal way of working and acting either fills you with good or leads you to greater discouragement and inner emptiness. This is the repercussion of your own works and actions.

My little children, peace has been exhausted for humanity; anger easily takes hold of you (cf. Ps. 37:8), and respect is just a memory for most of my children. Beloved children, do not nourish the devil by being impatient (cf. Col. 3:12; Eph. 4:2), or through disobedience. Be creatures of good who are loved by your brothers and sisters, and be united, not forgetting that, as children of my Divine Son, you have the blessing of repentance, forgiveness, and of resuming your spiritual path (cf. Acts 2:38). I see with pain how my children do not believe in what is unfolding among powerful nations. Some have not realized the imminent danger in which they are living, due to staying within their personal interests, far from reality. War stands before you as a result of the lack of God in the life of man.

Little children, at this moment, the powerful have decided to use nuclear energy [weapons][1]Prophecies and warnings about nuclear energy:! Make reparation for those who are the first to use nuclear energy [weapons] to cause evil. War will make my children move from one country to another in search of greater safety. Although all will suffer, some countries will be less affected. Misused technology will be employed by the powerful who, unleashing their desire for power, will severely harm human beings and creation. Little children, great will be the lament of man himself when he realizes the state of humanity after using nuclear energy. Great will be the lament, great will be the despair at not being able to repair anything. It will be the time for saying “Woe”!

Pray, children of my Divine Son, pray for France; it will suffer because of war. 

Pray, children of my Divine Son, pray for the Middle East; war has caused great evil and will cause more pain.

Pray, children of my Divine Son; pray regarding what will happen in the Balkans.

Pray, children of my Divine Son, pray; the elements continue to strike humanity.

Beloved children, pray for peace throughout the earth; in this way you will reduce the suffering ensuing from war.

Children of my Divine Son, you are going to witness a celestial body of large dimensions [2]About celestial bodies:, which has an unusual light that will cause fear. Have faith in the promises of my Divine Son (cf. Mt. 28:20). Provocations will continue between nations, as the shaking of the earth continues. Diseases have broken out. Prepare and nourish yourselves in order to raise the body’s defences [3]Substances recommended to us by heaven for increasing the body’s defenses: vitamin C, ginger, echinacea, moringa, raw garlic, Artemisia annua, green tea, gingko biloba and Good Samaritan Oil..

Children, you are part of this generation whose very existence is at the edge of the abyss. I suffer given how evil easily defeats you, leading you to find yourselves at this generation’s most critical moment. Keep in mind that my Divine Son will never allow the human race to destroy what is divine creation, so He will intervene before man fulfills his intention. Faith must remain firm; do not fear. I am your Mother and I protect you. Do not forget the promises of my Divine Son. I bless you, little children.

Mother Mary


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de María

Brothers and sisters, on receiving this message from Our Blessed Mother, she asks us not to forget her Divine Son’s promises. Below I share some of those promises given in 2009:




My crucified but glorious Hand is extended in front of each of My children in order to take hold of them tightly and lift them out of the mud; no matter how muddy a person is, I will not leave them. Everyone is worthy of entering My House. I am only waiting for a word, waiting for them to say: “Lord, help me, come closer, listen to me, forgive me!” and I immediately come to help them.

For each of you who hear and read this Word of Mine:

“For you, beloved child,

for you I gave Myself on the Cross,

and I await you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation,

to forgive you and welcome you,

so that you can meet Me again

and so that I may love you with all My divine love.”




My children, there is still time. Return to My fold, do not wait for night to fall. Here I Am; I am calling you – you, not someone else. It is to you that this Word of Mine comes through My mercy.

Here is My strength so that you would make it your own…

Here is My love so that you would make it your own…

Here I Am before you…

Come – Your Jesus calls you. Come to Me, My child.




We walk, yes, we walk in unity to face what has been announced.

Do not be afraid –  I am with you, and My angels raise their swords to defend you. My Spirit gives you words of wisdom so that they would penetrate the hearts of those who are still waiting for a word in order to return to Him Who, like a beggar of love, pleads, asks, and loves.


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1 Prophecies and warnings about nuclear energy:
2 About celestial bodies:
3 Substances recommended to us by heaven for increasing the body’s defenses: vitamin C, ginger, echinacea, moringa, raw garlic, Artemisia annua, green tea, gingko biloba and Good Samaritan Oil.
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