Luz – Going from Aberration to Aberration…

The Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on August 13th:

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart, I bless you, I love you: you are my children. I come again before each one of you, before humanity, in order to give you the honey of my motherly love. I come to guide you to my divine Son. I come to awaken you from the somnolence in which you look at everything that is happening, knowing that the axis of spiritual life is my divine Son and that without my divine Son you are nothing – and you know it.

I call you to take the initiative, as children of my divine Son, to pray in unity, in faith, and in abandonment to the Father’s Will. Humanity, dominated by everything that reaches the unconscious, finds itself overcome by a system that has one goal, which is having power over moral values in order to undermine every human being.

Going from aberration to aberration, from sacrilege to sacrilege, from fall to fall, humanity is coming closer to experiencing its own purification. In the midst of diseases (1), of new regulations concerning travel from one country to another, in continual strife and attacks between countries, war is gathering strength and will explode.

Pray, my children, pray; you see war as being far off, yet it is not far off.

Pray, my children, pray for France; pray for Africa, it is necessary!

Pray, my children, pray for the Middle East, prayer is necessary.

Pray, my children, pray for humanity.

Dearly beloved of my Immaculate Heart, the Third World War (2) will occur due to the rebellion, humanity’s lack of conversion, and the rejection of my divine Son. Be assured that you are in the final stretch of the fulfillment of my prophecies. Without waiting, without delay, convert now, my children.

Darkness is covering the earth, extinguishing minds, hardening hearts, raising voices against my divine Son, dividing family members and distancing them from God. This darkness is the darkness of the devil – he has come to some of My children first, seized them, frozen their feelings, emptied them of love and flooded them with interests of all kinds. (3)

My beloved Angel of Peace (4) will come to the assistance of those who ask him to overthrow the devil, to remove him from human beings who live with hearts of stone flooded by materialistic interests and ones foreign to living according to the Will of My Divine Son. This spiritual darkness progresses alongside discouragement and deception, finding an echo in people who lack God. Ask in prayer for the coming of the beloved Angel of Peace. Ask in prayer for yourselves, faithful remnant. Repent, make reparation, pray!

I bless you with my love. Conversion, my children, conversion!

Mother Mary


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


(1) About diseases:

(2) About the Third World War:

(3) About the traps of the Devil:

(4) About the Angel of Peace:


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters,

Our Blessed Mother calls us to open our minds and thoughts so that we would not fall into the darkness of those who, full of worldly interests, leave God in second place. Our life is Christ, our will is His, and with this certainty we walk so that worldly interests would not take precedence over the Divine Will. Knowing that we are God’s creatures, the first person whom we must glorify is God, in order to give testimony of His love.

Our Mother insists on conversion because the time is urgent. There are many who do not believe, and Our Mother warns us again about the danger we are in as humanity, prior to the dreaded Third World War. She calls us to pray, because prayer manages to do what words cannot, even if they are of great wisdom. She calls us to pray, perhaps because that is what the humble and simple of heart know how to do. Brothers and sisters, heeding the call of Our Mother:


Most Holy Mother, you look down upon us from on high,

and seeing the ingratitude of these Your children,

you do not desist but call as many times as necessary.


Mother, treasure of heaven, light of humanity,

give me the strength to get up when I fall on my way;

you know that deep within me,

I do not wish to separate myself from you.


Merciful Mother, I beseech you to

teach me how to live, discovering

that the important thing is to

live in the likeness of your Divine One,

without fear of tomorrow,

because in that tomorrow You will be by my side.


You fill me with new birth,

with a new opportunity to be better.


Teach me to be humble so that your Son may recognize me.

Give me your light, Mother, which illuminates everything you touch;

I do not want to shine before the world,

but I want your light to give me wisdom to love my fellow men;

and to know how to forgive like you.


Bless me, Mother, so that I may continue to live,

and by your hand lead me to Jesus.


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