Luz – Humanity is heading toward the Antichrist’s appropriation

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on September 4th, 2022:

People of our King:

My faithfulness and love for God led me to unite the angels to defend the Paternal Throne against the pride of Lucifer, who rose up against God together with other angels. There was a war in heaven against the Devil (Rev. 12, 7-8), and Lucifer had already lost his beauty due to being filled with pride and envy.

Do not rest by day or night, because the Devil does not rest. The struggle between good and evil is constant. At this moment, we are fighting against the Devil for the salvation of souls, which he wants to take into the lake of fire. The children of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ should not be passive, but combative – against themselves, if necessary, so that they would not fall into pride and sin. The Devil’s pride caused him to be expelled from heaven together with his wicked angels, and they were sent to earth.

The Devil has a motto: “All for me. I live for myself above everyone and everything.” I therefore call you, people of God, to give everything for God, to live for God, loving God and your neighbor.

Humanity is heading toward the abyss…

Humanity is heading toward confrontation…

Humanity is heading toward spiritual and physical starvation…(1)

Humanity is heading toward economic collapse… (2)

Humanity is heading toward the Antichrist’s appropriation (3) of those who will receive him as the master of the earth and place his mark upon themselves… (4)

By not believing what I am telling you, you mock the messages from heaven. But prepare yourselves before you mourn. Confess your sins before darkness finds you in a state of sin. Great injustices will be committed before your eyes, and you will feel powerless, but divine justice is with God’s people and over God’s people. Resist – you are not alone.  

Pray, people of God: do not tire of praying from the heart.

Pray, people of God: pray and make reparation for the grave offenses of humanity against the Most Holy Trinity.

Pray, people of God: the earth will shake with greater force; pray for Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Central America, Ecuador, and Japan.

Pray, people of God: the new plague is coming; skin and the respiratory system will be affected.

The sun will strike the earth strongly with a solar storm (5), leaving the earth in darkness and leaving humanity silenced and shaken at the same time. At nightfall, humanity will light itself with what it has prepared for this purpose. At night, do not go out of your homes; pray as a family or alone, but pray.

You are as in the time of Noah… Believe and prepare, even if they mock you. You are already at that point!

The earth is spinning, human time has accelerated, and you, people of God, must stop and examine yourselves.

I stand with my heavenly legions by divine mandate to assist you in this time of transition. Have faith in the Most Holy Trinity, in our Queen and Mother, and in our protection. You stand before the divine assistance that the obedient child, the child of faith, and the humble child, deserves. Sacramentals need to be blessed; this is necessary if you have faith in them. 

My legions obey the Divine Will, which wants good for its children.

I bless you.

Saint Michael the Archangel


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


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(4) Read about the mark of the beast:

(5) Read about the effect of the sun on the Earth and human life:


Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters:

When receiving this message from St. Michael the Archangel, I was allowed to see how evil not only afflicts the soul but passes to the outside of the human being. I was allowed to see how each of us is like Noah, continuing with effort to stay on the path of Christ. The child of God falls and gets up again, and a thousand times again, and the aim in getting up is not to be separated from God’s Will.

At the same time, I was allowed to see the elements scourging the earth and its inhabitants. The silence reminded me of the lack of prayer and of disbelief in the power of prayer; I watched the sea rising above some coasts, and I saw some coastlines in human form, meaning that it is not only the earth that is being scourged, but also man, in order to wake him up.

And a voice that reminded me of St. Michael the Archangel said: “Be faithful to God, One and Three, to Our Queen and Mother of the End Times, and be faithful to yourselves, without deceiving yourselves. Be creatures of faith. You must require faithfulness of yourselves, not lukewarmness. Be assured that God is with His people.”


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