Luz – Humanity Will Fall Into Despair

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on May 15th, 2022:

Beloved children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ: as Prince of the heavenly legions, I bless you. I call you to remain in prayer, united to our King and Lord Jesus Christ and to our Queen and Mother of the End Times. Continue with faith and fear offending our King and Lord Jesus Christ. Fear failing in love and charity. Fear that the fresh water that nourishes fraternity would dry up in you. Only by helping one another will you be able to continue in the unity of the faithful People, overcoming the adversities, which are becoming greater all the time.

Store food. Be obedient and keep provisions. Food will be scarce worldwide and humanity will fall into despair. Have foresight. Medicines will be lacking: be prepared, and for this you have received from the Father’s House the indications that are indispensable for you to fight disease with the fruit of nature. (1) You are in the great tribulation. Maintain a firm faith so that you would not succumb when the cruelest of persecutions arrives for the faithful People.

Continue on the path to which our King and Lord Jesus Christ has called you, offering penance, prayer, confessing the sins that you have committed and nourishing yourselves with the Body and Blood of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ. Bear witness that you are true Christians. Waiting for a great sign in order to convert may lead you to lose your salvation. Beware! You cannot imagine the coming suffering. You have no idea of what is to come.

This red moon activated volcanoes before appearing. This red moon especially acts upon volcanoes, tectonic faults and human beings. You must remain in peace so that your spirit would not be disturbed and you must live without resentment (cf. Lev 19:18), otherwise the latter will increase. I therefore call upon you to convert and not to waste the present moment in banalities, because if you invest your time in the affairs of Heaven, Heaven itself will multiply your time.

If you do not pray, you will not receive the fruit and the abundant graces that the Divine Spirit pours out (cf. Rom 5:5) on those who pray with their hearts. It is a hard moment that you are going through; it is not easy – be prudent, be prudent. Do not forget that I call you to conversion: you need to convert.

Pray for your brothers and sisters who do not seek conversion.

The demons are on Earth, tempting you continuously. You must fight to cleanse your thoughts and minds and to keep yourselves away from evil. Prepare what you can prepare; the rest will be multiplied, but prepare now, before you are unable to do so due to the lack of what is necessary. I keep you on alert. As the People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ you must not doubt the protection of the heavenly armies, as we have been sent to guard the People of God.Our Queen and Mother loves you and her motherly Mantle constantly covers you. Have no fear of being abandoned: you are protected and will be protected at all times. Do not falter in your faith.

I bless you with the blessing that our King and Lord Jesus Christ holds over His children.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: St. Michael the Archangel, protector of God’s People, calls us to commit promptly to conversion and reiterates to us the danger in which we find ourselves as humanity due to the armed conflict that is developing at this time. Conflict that will in turn create shortages of food and medicines, leading part of the People of God to accept being sealed in exchange for obtaining what is necessary for survival. Therefore, St. Michael the Archangel urges us not to lose faith and reminds us that Heaven has given us indications regarding the use of medicinal plants to help us with diseases and plagues and to be prepared for when medicines are not available. Let us heed the calls of Heaven; let us be humble. Let us bless our brothers and sisters.
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