Luz – Humanity Will Suffer

Saint Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on September 28th, 2022:

Beloved people of our King and Lord Jesus Christ:

In adoration of the Most Holy Trinity, with honor, and in reparation for all human beings, I come to you by divine order. I come to ask you for greater dedication toward the Most Holy Trinity, so that prayers made “in spirit and truth” would acquire the strength necessary to reach souls that, at this moment, have a greater need than before to be touched by prayer from the heart. I come to call you to consecrate yourselves to our Queen and Mother so that, being consecrated, you would be constant adorers of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar.

You must be love for your brothers and sisters, respecting the lives of your fellow men, helping your neighbors with whatever they need, especially spiritually. Introduce them to the way of eternal salvation based on the knowledge of Sacred Scripture, so that they would be doers of the Law of God and of what the Law entails, those who practice the sacraments and divine love, from which one receives the graces to carry on.

Human beings have not come to understand how, in every action they perform, in every work they do, and with every thought, they generate good or evil. The awareness that prayer must be “prayed”, and at the same, time put into practice [1]cf. James 1:22-25 is indispensable at this moment. Human beings who neglect fraternity run the risk of being a stumbling block for their fellow men. Be aware that you find yourselves in a time for repentance and turning to God, pleasing Him.  In this way, the chains that bind you will be broken, and you will be new creatures, converted and convinced. 

Whoever does not have faith is unable to preach.

Whoever does not have hope will not preach hope.

Whoever is not charity will not preach with charity.

Whoever is not love will not preach with love.

The people of the Most Holy Trinity must know that prayer concludes with the praxis of what is prayed, so that it bears the fruit of eternal life. Empty faith is dead [2]James 2:14-26, and a human being without love is an empty creature. Whoever wishes to become part of God’s people must be willing to rise up, if necessary, above themselves, in order to enter the divine way and leave behind the rags of human folly, so as to live in the constant practice of loving the will of God.

You have neglected your spiritual state; you have minimized it and do not wish to renew yourselves or possess a generous spirit. Materialism has overtaken you to the point that you do not distinguish when you are acting out of self-interest or out of love. Humanity will be informed of the dreaded nuclear bomb, and then silence… You will be informed of the collapse of the economy and food shortages. And have the people of God been converted? Are they a converted people?

Humanity will suffer, and the suffering will be heard by all of creation until the Divine Hand stops what the human creature has carried out. And you will feel the weight of the Divine Hand and of the sin committed against God. The earth burns and will burn. . . The human being does not cry out to God, but does evil to his fellow man; he rises up in the streets and turns himself into an unrecognizable creature through his aggression.

Pray, people of God, pray for Italy and France: they will suffer because of nature.

Pray, people of God, pray: Argentina will weep, and in its lamentation, it will see Our Queen and Mother of Lujan because she is and has been offended.

Pray, people of God, pray for Spain: the people will rise up and nature will scourge them.

Pray, people of God, pray for Mexico, it will shake: its people will suffer and weep. 

Beloved people of the Most Holy Trinity, the Envoy [3]Revelations about God’s Envoy: will arrive, but will he recognize you? He will see so much tyranny in the human heart and will suffer like Christ. He will feel the hypocrisy in the human creature and will call you all to Him [Christ]. Convert! I bless you with my sword.  I protect you.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters, We can never be reminded enough by heaven, over and over again, of the duties involved in prayer. Prayer is more than repeating, it is more than memorizing: it means entering into divine love, staying beside our Blessed Mother and learning from her in order to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a human race, we are living in a serious time, and yet people do not believe. Union with Christ has been consigned to oblivion; humanity has been dominated by materialism and all that surrounds it.

Brothers and sisters, we need Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother, and we need to be more godly. Let us love Christ, who willingly gave his life for each one of us. 


Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I entrust myself, Mother, to your protection and to your guidance; I do not wish to walk alone in the midst of the storm of this world.

I come before you, Mother of divine love, with empty hands,

but with my heart filled with love and hope in your intercession.

I beseech you to teach me to love the Most Holy Trinity with your own love,

so as not to be indifferent to Their calls, nor indifferent to humanity.

Take my thoughts, my conscious and unconscious mind, my heart, my desires, my expectations, and unify my being in the Trinitarian will,

as you did, so that the Word of your Son would not fall on barren ground.

Mother, united to the Church, the mystical body of Christ, bleeding

and despised in this moment of darkness,

I raise to you my voice in supplication, so that the discord between men and peoples would be destroyed by your maternal love.

I solemnly consecrate to you today, Most Holy Mother, my whole life since my birth. With the full use of my freedom, I reject the devil and his machinations, and I entrust myself to your Immaculate Heart. Take me by your hand from this moment on, and at the hour of my death, present me before your Divine Son.



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1 cf. James 1:22-25
2 James 2:14-26
3 Revelations about God’s Envoy:
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