Luz – I Am the Just Judge

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on April 14th, 2023:

Beloved children:

With My love I come to give you My mercy at this time. You have lived the commemoration of My Passion, death, and Resurrection, and you have set out on the path of My mercy. I am infinite mercy, although this does not give you the right to think that My love is not simultaneously justice, otherwise I would be an unjust judge(1). Hearing only about My infinite mercy fills the heart with joy, but it is time for you to be clear that good exists and evil exists(2), and it is because of this that I am the Just Judge. If I were to only speak to you of My mercy, I would not love you with eternal love.

It is up to each one of you to change, to be transformed, to repent, and to cry out for My mercy. I do not differentiate in pouring out My mercy for all humanity. All My children have before them My forgiveness and My mercy. They must therefore be willing to change their works and behavior, their way of looking at their neighbor, and their treatment of their brothers and sisters.

I listen immediately to souls who are ready to acknowledge their sins and errors stemming from the human ego and who have the firm intention to make amends, and My legions of angels will protect them so that they may enter into My divine mercy.

I call My children to surpass themselves in the Spirit so that they would enter deeply into the gifts and virtues that the Holy Spirit gives them, if they are creatures with a renewed spirit. The inexhaustible source of My mercy is love, and this is what I want you to be – love, so that you would help humanity in its great suffering, being prudent. Those of My children who think that I cannot be a Just Judge are those who continue living according to free will, even though they know God’s Law.

Beloved children of My Heart, pray: I call you to be love, to forgive and to give love.

Beloved children, pray for humanity, pray, pray with your testimony.

Beloved children, I want you to bring your human ego to Me so that I may mold it in My love. I want you to mortify the human will and surrender it to My Cross of glory and majesty. I bless and love you.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters, Our Lord Jesus Christ asks us to bring our human ego to Him and to allow Him to polish it. Whatever we do to draw near to Divine Mercy is the greatest blessing and opportunity that we human beings have.

Let us recall: 


Children, I will welcome all those who approach Me with a contrite and humble heart, hence the urgency of My constant messages, warning you about events during this generation, so that you may repent and enter into My love and mercy through the love with which you look upon Me.


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