Luz – In The Midst Of War, Antichrist Will Arrive…

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on November 12, 2023:

Beloved children, I love you with eternal love.  When human beings come to Me in repentance for faults committed, by which they have offended Me, and set themselves a firm purpose of amendment, their souls acquire a special radiance. That radiance is seen from My House, and I rejoice in it. My children, spiritual preparation is essential in order for you to remain faithful, otherwise you will fall into the hands of the infernal enemy. You ask Me: Lord, how do I convert, how do I change my life? Conversion is a personal decision, it is a change for the rest of your life, it means leaving worldliness behind and being different (Acts 20:20-21; Col 3:5; Acts 3:19).

In such critical times as the ones in which you are living and will be living in the near future, you must open your minds, hearts, and reasoning in order to remain aware that you are living in the second armed conflict at this time, and in the blink of an eye, you will experience the third armed conflict [1]About the Third World War:, spreading over the whole Earth. Famine will be fierce in some countries; in other countries it will be less fierce, although all countries will see the passage of famine [2]Hunger:. Disease [3]Diseases: is spreading again, already being present in some countries of Africa, Europe, and North America.  The healthiest thing is therefore, within what is possible, to have supplies of some items of food and what My House has revealed to you for the care of your health. My calls are meant for the conversion of My children, of all humanity. I do not want you only to read them, but that you would treasure them in your hearts, so that on every occasion, facing every situation, you would work and act in My Will.

Beloved children, it is my wish that you be messengers of peace in the midst of any adversity and be an encouragement for whoever needs it (Col. 3:14-15; Rom. 12:14-16). You have entered into a time when you will experience the true cruelty of the human race. All will rise up against their brothers and sisters; it will be a fierce war [4]The Angel of Peace, God’s envoy:, and My children will suffer everywhere. Technological innovations misused for armaments will be employed and death will come for its spoils.  In the midst of war, the Antichrist will arrive and will provide food, medicine, and everything that humanity needs. He will perform miracles in My Name, and how many will follow him and forget about Me!  This is why I will send My Angel of Peace so that, being My reflection, he would begin to preach about My love for humanity, so that some would convert.

Humanity will panic due to its lack of faith in My promises.  Allied countries will betray one another.  Communism at its apex will give no respite. Beloved, the economy is gradually falling, and money, as you know it at the moment, will be of no use, unless you place the seal of the Antichrist upon yourselves. At that time, do not despair.  My Angels will give you food coming down from My House, and the innocent will be delivered from such evil. Some regions of the earth will serve as a refuge for My children. They will undertake great migrations in search of fertile lands where they will feel blessed. Dear children, signs in the heavens will be given more frequently and with greater strength. You will be able to distinguish them; they will cause astonishment, but not fear. I call you once again to be different, to be closer to My House, to maintain your Faith, Hope and Charity.

Pray, My children, pray; My Church will be severely shaken.

Pray, My children; pray concerning the lack of medicines to combat disease.

Pray, My children; pray and believe in what My House has sent you for remaining healthy.

Pray, My children; you have been living in the hands of oppressors: they have treated you as they please.

Pray for Argentina, My children; this land will suffer due to social unrest. It will experience a political crisis; prepare, My children!

Be obedient, heed My calls and turn to My Most Holy Mother!

I bless you, Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de María

Brothers and sisters, what more can Our Lord Jesus Christ say to us – what more can He say to us so that we would begin to convert? Let us be creatures of love as Our Lord asks of us. Let us recall, brothers and sisters:




Humanity is being manipulated by a power of which the vast majority are unaware: a group of families to whom the rulers have adhered, obeying their commands. They have entered into the most significant places of the world and society in order to dominate humanity in all areas. Amen.




Demons have pounced on humanity in order to inject it with greed for what is Mine. People do not respect Me; on the contrary, they mock Me, they neither look transparently nor in the light of truth at the state of this decadent generation. For this reason they are not afraid to offend Me, to deny Me, to ignore Me, to profane Me. The persecution of My Church is increasing; this is not yet widely experienced, although the day is approaching when those who have emigrated to other countries throughout the world will take possession of the seats of My Church, which will have to be transferred to another country, though not without first having contemporary martyrs bathe the earth with their blood, especially Rome. Terror awaits My faithful, which is why I have called them to live in constant growth; I have called them to increase their faith and to wait for help from My House: My Angel of Peace.




The Devil knows how much time he has and is making haste, increasing his persecution against the people of God. God’s people will suffer and will be singled out; Rome will be invaded by those whom it has welcomed, and the people of God will be persecuted throughout the world.




 What is happening to this generation is not a matter of chance: it is the work of those who obey the orders of evil in preparation for what they need for the absolute domination of every human being.




Pray, My People, pray for Argentina; the people will rebel and in the turmoil they will claim the life of a victim of power. Argentina must pray.




Pray for Spain: it will be shaken and its people will suffer due to the violence unleashed.

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