Luz – It Is Important That You Know the Old Testament

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on October 29th, 2022:

My beloved people, people of My Sacred Heart:

I bless you with faith…

I bless you with hope…

I bless you with charity…

You are living in spiritual warfare: the war between good and evil, the war for souls, for your souls. You are part of humanity and of salvation history, therefore you must be aware of the intense times in which you are living and not allow the spiritual change that must prevail at this time to go unnoticed. It is important that you know the Old Testament so that what is happening at this moment would not be strange to you.

Be aware of the miracle of love of My Real Presence in the Eucharistic Food and in My people, whom I protect. Some of My children possess great intellectual ability, yet they do not fight against their personal ego in order to transform themselves into creatures of faith, love, kindness, serenity, consolation, and charity for their fellow men – so necessary at this critical moment in which you find yourselves.

The climate maintains its variations and its fierce action in every season, which will lead to the cruelest of winters.

Pray children, pray for Russia, the United States, the Ukraine, and China.

Pray children, pray for India: it will suffer due to nature.

Pray children, pray: arms will make humanity stop.

 Pray children, pray: volcanoes are increasing their activity.

 Pray children, pray: Latin America will suffer; I suffer for it. Defend the faith, pray with the heart.

My people, My beloved people, you will be surprised by the sudden action of the use of nuclear energy, which will cause Me to act with My justice. I will not allow the human race to destroy itself or creation. Wake up, do not sleep! Wake up, My children! My Most Holy Mother holds you in her Immaculate Heart. This Mother who loves her children gives you her encouragement and her protection.

My people: faith, faith, faith! I remain with you, delivering you from evil; you must allow Me to do so. Ask for it with faith.

Pray. My people must intercede for humanity. My love remains in each one of you. I protect you.

Your Jesus


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters:

Our Lord gives us a very important message. He urges us to a complete change of life, to compassionate, merciful, to be love, understanding that we, ourselves, sometimes cause problems because of not changing, not seeing ourselves, holding onto our strong character, e.g. spiritual arrogance, unforgiveness, envy, pride, imposing ourselves on others, and other ingrained things that we carry inside of us and do not let go of.

It is urgent that we understand that when we ask Our Lord to help us to be better, inner change involves our responsibility and our conscience, depending on the extent to which we take hold of our ego and direct it to be more Christ-like, the extent to which we make an effort to stop imposing ourselves on others, the extent to which we become more flexible in our treatment of our brothers and sisters. Not in terms of consenting to and participating in sin, but achieving that integration that leads us to know how to live together and how to be fraternal toward one another. To that end, we must understand that Our Lord helps us to be better, but that the responsibility is totally ours because we are the ones who have our ego, and we have to lead it toward the good, toward fraternity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is present in His Body, Soul, and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist, but do we understand this infinite miracle of love? Are we prepared not to deny it? For Christ prays for us at all times so that we would not fall. The rest is our responsibility.

People of God, this war between good and evil, which we do not see, but which is present, calls us not to lose our souls by continuing in the world’s distractions, attached to its pleasures. This is what inner change is about: conversion. It is not a matter of seeing who is more Catholic, but of increasingly becoming creatures of God – more human, more fraternal.

If we have studied the Old Testament, we will see how the nations involved in the war at this time, as well as other nations yet to be involved, have been among the many nations that have opposed God’s plan, opposing the New Testament message of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who preached how to conduct ourselves according to God’s will.

This is salvation history: the people of God are experiencing what they have undergone in the past – in a different way, obviously. We are the people of God who are on our way, therefore we are also part of salvation history.

Our Lord Jesus Christ assures us that He will intervene when His will decides to, because He will not allow men of power to exterminate the rest of humanity, nor to put an end to creation.

What the Most Holy Trinity expects from us is that we give back the earth that God bequeathed to us and that the will of God be fulfilled as it is fulfilled in heaven. This is why divine intervention will occur in this generation in order to purify us, not with water, but with fire. That is why the fire of the Holy Spirit enlivens us and will keep our lamps burning, if we allow it.

Brothers and sisters, let us not regress in terms of participating in the pagan festival of Halloween, but on that day, let us make reparation and remember that we have no need to attract the various evocations of darkness that are found on Earth.


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