Luz – It is Urgent That You Grow in Faith

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla  on January 13th, 2023:

Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ,

I am sent by the Most Holy Trinity. As prince of the heavenly legions, I share with you the Divine Word. Divine love for each of Its children does not diminish: It remains active. The more you move away from our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the more exposed you are to falling into the clutches of the Devil.

What does the human being achieve by moving away from the Divine Will? It succeeds in entering into the darkness coming out of hell in order to lead you to commit evil acts and do evil works. The clock goes on without turning back; on the contrary, it advances toward each of the prophecies that our Queen and Mother has communicated to you as children of God. Some prophecies have been misinterpreted, not by those who received them, but by those who, in their eagerness to interpret them, have not taken into account the spiritual aspect of each one of them, and that is why they are amazed at how some prophecies have unfolded. There is one Divine Word, and that is how Its true instruments have received It. In the past, a prophecy was made partially known so as not to alarm humanity and not to bring forward serious events concerning the Church of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

The Church of our King and Lord Jesus Christ is rocking like a ship in the midst of a great storm. Discern, children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ! Discern at this moment in which you find yourselves! The prophecies are being fulfilled, with one generating the fulfilment of the next.

It is urgent that you grow in faith… It is urgent that your faith be strengthened by the Holy Eucharist and strengthened by praying the Holy Rosary, weapon of the end times. Humanity will be surprised by the news of an attack by one nation against another. The Antichrist is on the rise; his desire is to dominate everyone… As children of God, continue to be faithful to the Tradition of the Magisterium of the Church.

Receive the Body and Blood of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, and pray the Holy Rosary from the heart. Pray, pray, being aware of the power of each prayer.

Pray, pray: humanity will continue to be surprised by nature.

Pray, pray: earthquakes of great magnitude will occur.

Pray, pray: every human being who fulfills the Will of God is a beacon of light for their brothers and sisters.

Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ: Water will purify humanity. Ice will shake man, taking him by surprise. Winds will come with great force. Plague will come quickly. It is necessary to pray for your brothers and sisters who are suffering. Prayer is urgently needed. It is necessary to pray for those who suffer and will suffer all over the earth. Look at the signs and signals that humanity is receiving. Praying the Holy Rosary and the Holy Trisagion* delivers those who are devout.

Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ: Remain attentive and united to the Most Holy Trinity and take the hand of our Queen and Mother. Prostrating yourselves, adore the Triune God for those who suffer across the earth. Be souls of reparation. I bless you with my sword held high. Onward in faith, onward in hope!

*Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters: St. Michael the Archangel gives us a very broad vision of the panorama that humanity is facing with the return to the Father’s House of the one who was upholding the Church with his prayer and his silence – our beloved Benedict XVI, and we pray to the Divine Will that he would continue to intercede for us.

Given this departure, the panorama opens up of the revelations of Our Blessed Mother that must be fulfilled in the Divine Will. This leads us, brothers and sisters, to redouble our prayer, to be closer to God, to remain attentive, since the one who was holding back the appearance of the Antichrist has returned to the Father’s House.

These are serious times that we will be facing, and it is only with the love of Christ and of our Blessed Mother in our hearts that we will be able to remain in fraternity within the Church. Let us pray, not forgetting that prayer is not a routine or something we have memorized, but let us pray with our heart, (Note: by clicking on the following link you can download a book of prayers inspired by Heaven to Luz de Maria.)

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