Luz – Like the Tower of Babel

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on November 4th, 2021:

People of God, beloved People of God: As Prince of the Heavenly Legions I call you all to be of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ — at the same time asking Our Queen and Mother of the End Times for her constant protection — with reverence and humility. Beloved: These are difficult times — very difficult for those who wish to continue acting and working for good. Chaos is being promoted by the majority of the leaders of the nations, leaders subject to the powerful of the world, who have given themselves over to serving the Devil. [1]Note: the motto of the Illuminati/Masonic secret societies has long been Ordo ab chaos: Order out of chaos. Humanity is confused, as if it were in the Tower of Babel (Gen 11:1-9) at this time. Brothers do not understand each other; the works and actions of some are totally opposed to those within the same household.

I bless those who, with love, trust and hope, maintain faith in the Most Holy Trinity, finding in prayer and fraternal self-giving the strength that leads them to remain firm in the Faith. I give you a special blessing; in discerning these times, you have not fallen into fear or despair, but remain confident in Divine Protection, despite the indifference of humanity, in which the spirit of lukewarmness has taken root. Go ahead, strengthened by the announcements of Heaven that allow you to make amends and to grow spiritually, so as to face every form of adversity that will arise on your way.

Humanity, pay attention! The minions of the Devil are luring you in order to dominate you, leading you into slavery, making you accustomed to bearing that which precedes the seal of the antichrist.

Pray, People of God, pray for one another in true fraternity.
Pray, People of God, pray for Serbia: pain will come to that land.
Pray, People of God, pray for the United States, it will be scourged by nature.
Pray, People of God, pray for Syria, land of conflict.
Pray, People of God, pray: the summer will be chaotic.

Beloved People of God, when you see that events are becoming more serious, pray: pray in spirit and truth. May those who have despised the Most Holy Trinity and Our Queen and Mother repent before it is too late. Prepare! This generation will regress, being forced to find in nature what it has destroyed and will need in order survive. (Be aware that, for skin disease, geranium is a noble plant that you can use externally. Our Queen and Mother has already recommended it.) In its desire for power, humanity will pollute the earth; people will kill their brothers and sisters without any repentance; they will rejoice in their wickedness and then suffer to the core.

Beloved People of God: It is not only pain that awaits this generation, but the fruits received by those who remain faithful to Divine Love. Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ commands.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and Sisters: In the light of this call I kneel before such great Love on the part of the Paternal House towards us, its children. I adore You, Father, in the name of all humanity. How much we will live through in a short space of time! How much we must grow in spirit in order not to falter, and to live by faith, by Divine Mercy and the Divine Promises! Maternal Protection will not delay when it is needed. Therefore, brothers and sisters, let us go on without fear and with greater confidence. Without fear and with greater faith, let us continue without faltering. Queen and Mother of the End Times, snatch me out of the clutches of evil. Amen.

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1 Note: the motto of the Illuminati/Masonic secret societies has long been Ordo ab chaos: Order out of chaos.
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