Luz – My Beloved, You Are Not Alone; Do Not Fear…

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on February 19, 2024:

Beloved children, receive My blessing. Beloved little children, continue on the path of interior change, the path to conversion. Entrust yourselves to Me and to My Holy Mother, who protects you at all times. Be creatures of good, of blessing for all your brothers and sisters, radiating My love at this time when the lack of love inhabits hearts like a parasite. My children, you must prepare so that in the urgent times through which you will have to live because of humanity’s disobedience, you might rid yourselves of snares and fears and face whatever comes with faith. Be a help to your fellow men so that they would not fall into despair and would not act hastily. The sky will appear to burn, progressing from country to country and then growing dark; do not move at that point; stay where you are and offer yourselves to Me, acknowledge your faults and pray, pray. (cf. Mt. 26:41; cf. Lk. 21:36)

Beloved, My Mystical Body will suffer because of loving Me in “spirit and truth” (Jn. 4:23); you will not only suffer persecution, but the pain of experiencing the contempt to which I will be subjected by My children and those children of Mine of other beliefs who will enter My churches in order to desecrate me. I grieve, My children, I grieve over so many offences, over so much profanation of what is sacred!

Dear children, My beloved Angel of Peace [1]About the Angel of Peace:, My beloved Envoy, is coming to help you. This creature of My House will come to you in order to show you true love. My love of which he has drunk and by which his spirit has been nourished in order to give it to humanity, which, not recognizing him, will hate him, and when it does recognize him, will not accept him. He will be put through great trials, wounded and persecuted by order of the Antichrist. My beloved Saint Michael the Archangel will protect and defend him with his shield. My Angel of Peace, My Envoy, will come to give himself to everyone who wishes to listen to him and to rediscover the path to My House.

I mentioned My Messenger in advance in a very well-recognized form of Marian Invocation*, but he has not yet been found due to a lack of openness to the revelations. He will be followed by women of faith and a group of My faithful children who will see wonders; they will respect him and love him. His word comes from My House, his distinctive sign is My Love. [* Spanish Advocación ­= title, form of invocation, e.g. ‘Our Lady Queen of Peace’, ‘Our Lady of All Nations’, ‘Virgin of Revelation’… Translator’s note.]

Little children,become more mature spiritually! Apostasy in My Church is imminent. The Devil knows that he does not have much time left and is striving to present idolatry, lies, and falsehood to My children in order to confuse them and thereby increase his bounty of souls. This is a time of preparation, amidst the pain of this Lent. It is a moment for spiritual strength through faith, hope, and charity. Without forgetting that you have to fill your hands with good works, do not forget to carry out those good works enlightened by My Holy Spirit and by the faith of those who love Me. I call you to be spiritually wise and to know My Word, (cf. Jn. 5:39), because I do not want a pagan wisdom, but one focused on My Word that is and will be forever and ever (cf. Mt. 24:35).

Pray, My children; pray for countries that will suffer earthquakes, including Argentina, the state of Baja California, Costa Rica, Brazil, England, Mexico, Nicaragua.

Pray, My children; pray for your brothers and sisters, for those who, despite being innocent, are taken to war.

Pray, My children; pray for those who will fall in the Balkans and cause consternation for humanity.

Pray My children; pray for one another.

During Lent, remain spiritually alert. One person should be their brother’s shoulder. May another be their brother’s hand. May another be charity. May another be love for their neighbour. May another be the word that gives strength. May another be the hand that lifts the fallen. Pray in and out of season. Evil does not stop, whereas My children pause over foolish things. Welcome the trials with love and continue on the path before the devil stops you. My beloved, you are not alone; do not fear, but fear doing evil. You are My beloved children and I look upon you with love, with eternal love.

I bless you.

Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de María

Brothers and sisters, throughout human history, Heaven has sent special people to wake up its children from the spiritual lethargy in which they have always lived due to human will. Although man disobeys, Heaven overflows with mercy, concerned that the majority of humanity should convert and obtain eternal salvation. This time in which we are living is no different. The Most Holy Trinity will send a person filled with the Holy Spirit to help this generation, especially as regards spiritual growth and the understanding that we cannot live without God, so that we would marvel at Divine Omnipotence.

The Envoy will arrive after the presentation of the Antichrist to the world, so that he would not be confused with him. This is why he will come in the most savage moments experienced by humanity; his mission is to rescue the greatest possible number of souls and to confront the Antichrist in order to unmask him. The Envoy, filled with the maternal love of Our Most Holy Mother, together with the heavenly armies, will fight the fiercest spiritual battle of the end times, commanded by Our Queen and Mother, who will crush the head of Satan, and in the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.



Children, do not fear, do not fear. I will send My legions from on high to defend My Church, and with them I will send a defender who will fight against evil and against the Antichrist, whom he will defeat.


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