Luz – My Love Is Infinite For Those Who Wish To Drink…

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on April 11, 2024:

My beloved children, I love you, My children, I love you. Beloved, receive My blessing. My mercy is open for all of you. I have opened My mercy; come and taste this source of love and forgiveness (cf. Jn. 4:13-14). My Most Holy Mother guides you as a mother and teacher, leading you to come out of the darkness into which some of My children have sunk.

My children, My mercy is infinite, just as the love of Our Trinity is infinite. I offer you My Hands, I offer you My feet, I offer you My wounded side. My love calls you, children. My love shows you the need to unite with Me in order to save your soul. Increase your faith; drink from My love and thereby nourish your faith. It is important for your faith to be firm and strong so that you can continue to endure whatever the elements and human beings will bring to humanity. My beloved, the elements continue to scourge the whole of humanity as a purification for the human race. Natural phenomena will not cease, but will rather increase strongly in the face of human folly. My children, without confusing the fact that My mercy is open to each one of you, with the idea that humanity’s purification has been halted, continue with the process of conversion, being faithful at all times, without faltering. The water of the seas is dangerous at this time, as there will be large earthquakes in the sea, and waves will penetrate the land with force and great size.

Human beings are inclined towards hatred, and in their desire for revenge, they will immediately start keeping all of humanity in suspense. Weapons of which the vast majority of nations are not yet aware, and which a nation in the East has secretly created, will emerge from one moment to the next, with their destructive power affecting nations that possess nuclear weapons. My children, without ceasing to be astonished at the use of human intelligence to cause great tragedy for humanity, each nation will bring the abuse of wrongfully employed technology to its greatest expression. The history of this generation is deplorable, its hardness of heart beyond compare (cf. Heb. 3:7-9). I call you to be love, and instead you continually scourge Me; you do not wish to be fraternal, but only to demonstrate power in order to defeat your brother, and if it is necessary to kill him, you will do so.

Resentment is a poor counsellor; it blinds you, it completely clouds your thinking, and in these conditions, human beings lack love and respect towards their brothers and sisters. They are prey to greed and disrespect towards their fellow men. I do not live in human beings with hearts of stone. What they have is a thin veneer of My laws, which they disrespect, and of My commandments, which they will not obey. This attitude is not worthy of those who call themselves My children. I come with My justice, which does not cease to include My mercy – were it not so, you deserve so much punishment that I ought to accelerate every event, every revelation.

Pray, My children, pray; a yellowish dust is the lethal weapon possessed by a great nation; spilling it on the battlefield will cause an abundance of deaths.

Pray, My children, pray; disease will spread, quickly closing borders again.

Pray, My children, pray; the Middle East is the focus of war. My children are not expecting so much cruelty.

Pray, My children, pray; the country of the North [the USA] will be strongly shaken.

Pray, My children, pray; Chile and Bolivia will be shaken.

Pray, My children, pray; France will give cause for attention and great pain.

Pray, My children, pray; My Church suffers.

Pray, My children, pray; the sun’s action will prevent agriculture from supplying My children.

Dear children, the dates of events are closer to you than you think. Prepare your body now! Take vitamins and minerals; strengthen your immune system, but with caution. You are loved by Me, which is why I will not allow you to face[1]be blindsided by such great events. Pray the Creed when you are alone. Disease will come to humanity; use the Oil of the Good Samaritan. [2]How to prepare the Oil of the Good Samaritan – downloadable booklet… My blessing invites you to look at the changes that are occurring in human behaviour and in all of humanity; they are severe. You are with Me, and My protection will not forsake you. Fearlessly face the changes necessary for people to be saved.

In order to survive, the heart of flesh has to immerse itself in the deep waters of My love so that it can complete its transformation, otherwise, it runs the risk of falling into the clutches of Satan. Pay attention, My children, you find yourselves in the unfolding of what has been announced; strengthen yourselves spiritually! I bless you. My love is infinite for those who wish to drink from this inexhaustible spring.

Your Jesus

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de María

Our Lord calls us to reflect on how to be better creatures of God, maintaining a heart of flesh and not of stone, which does not know how to love its brothers or itself. He tells us very clearly that we are in the midst of the unfolding of everything that has been prophesied, given what we already know about war, diseases, control, scarcity, the scourging of humanity by nature and the elements, as well as grievances held against Our Lord and God and against Our Blessed Mother. Our Lord brings to mind messages from previous years upon which we should meditate:




Have I not given warnings throughout the history of humanity, when sin has caused the cup to overflow and man has poured the same purification upon himself? This time is no exception, it is no different, sin has caused the cup to overflow, and purification is urgent and imminent.

My beloved people, so much sin has been poured out and is being poured out on My creation, that it has already begged Me to be purified, and I have listened to it. Therefore, pay attention to My Word. I am not a merciless Father. It is My mercy that wishes to rescue the greatest possible number of My children; that has acceded to the request of all creation which wants to return to Me and to fulfill the purpose for which it was created.

Dearly beloved, purification is imminent. The events already known to you will happen one after another. Do not deny My Word, hiding behind My love, because, although I do not punish and am love, I do not want My people to continue in perdition, immersed in sin, without repenting.




Children, do not continue to be held captive by the enemy of the soul. Humanity lives under the domination of the spirit of perversion. A very high quota of sins is being poured onto the earth, which shakes from its core in its incessant search to find itself in renewed harmony with Me. The prophecies have converged on humanity in this generation, which cries out to be purified.




A mysterious disease will arrive that will attack the nervous system. My children, remain faithful, and with faith in my Son and in the help of this Mother, place yourselves under My maternal mantle and trust that you will never be forsaken by this Mother.




The great conflict, the third world war, is at the door. Just as Israel began the covenant, so now, through the conflicts there, the spark of the great war will begin.



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