Luz – My Words Are Urgent!

The Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 18th:

Beloved children, how much I love you, children, how much I love! My calls are not for nothing…

My words are urgent! A halt is necessary before humanity’s rebellion brings the severest of my prophecies upon itself. What lamentation, what pain this generation will suffer! They deny my Divine Son, and they will distort God’s Law… They will join in with sin, calling it the common good, solidarity, and mercy. The sickening mud of sin is spreading throughout the earth, but this mud will not touch those faithful to my Divine Son. St. Michael the Archangel and his legions keep evil away from those who are worshippers of my Divine Son.

Great volcanoes will give off gases that will not allow sunlight to reach the earth, and cold not previously experienced by the human race will penetrate the skin: cold similar to that of the soul without God. Prepare yourselves!

Pray, children, pray: Spain will endure the insurrection of its people due to contagious violence.

Pray, children, pray: Mexico will suffer, its soil will be strongly shaken. Guatemala will suffer.

Pray, children, pray: Europe is in grave danger.

Pray, children, pray: If you consecrate each home to our Sacred Hearts, you will be defended against evil, thriving spiritually, and strife within families will cease.

Beloved children, all heartfelt repentance is welcomed by my Divine Son, Who receives you in His merciful arms. Humanity’s future is tragic; but united in fraternity, it will change, and the peace you have desired so much will come, handing the earth to the Creator for His glory and the salvation of the human soul. Pay attention, children, pay attention!

In the churches where the sacraments are lived out correctly and especially where the Eucharist is celebrated, our Sacred Hearts will be seen. May my blessing on each person be the balm that will sustain you in the faith.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters,

Our Blessed Mother made me see so much pain, and at the same time so much joy in those who do not lose faith. Spiritual effort bears the fruit of eternal life. Harvest time is coming, and the good fruits will be gathered to be protected, and these will initiate a people of peace in whom God will be constantly adored. Brothers and sisters, pay attention, for the Father’s House will bring us what is necessary at present in order to not lose eternal salvation, at a time when humanity is satisfied with the crumbs that fall from the table onto the ground.

Onward, brothers and sisters, eternal life awaits us!




(Prayer of inspiration by Luz de María, 7.18.2023)

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Immaculate Heart of Our Queen and Mother,

with reverence, I come in supplication

and trusting in such august Hearts.

I come before Your presence

in order to beseech that this consecration

of my home and of all those who live in it would be accepted.

Sacred Hearts of Our Lord Jesus Christ

and of Our Queen and Mother, before such infinite mercy,

I make reparation and I love, I love and make reparation so that this home 

might be freed from every power foreign to the Will of God.

May it be freed from all envy, from all hidden power of evil, from all evil seduction 

towards those of us who make up this family.

Sacred Hearts, we consecrate to you all our actions,

deeds and works, our desires and our wishes, 

so that under your guidance, this home might entirely

 belong to such beloved Hearts.

We beseech you to embrace the hearts, minds, thought and will of the 

members of this family, so that in serving you, 

we would find happiness and peace.


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