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Our Reality. A Reflection from Luz de María and Messages, February 10th, 2023:              

Brothers and sisters: We are standing at a crossroads, with humanity being kept in suspense… As has always been the case, we keep having events of nature that surprise us. It is nothing new that some country suffers an earthquake, floods, droughts and other events; what has changed is the intensity and the form in which these events are happening all over the Earth.

And what we have at this moment are repeated calls from the Father’s House for us to prepare ourselves to face, to the extent that it is possible, such events that are developing with a very particular force that science calls “climate change” and which the messages from Heaven call “signs and signals” of the end times. We can point out that some powers misuse science against other countries in order to destroy or subjugate them.

Humanity goes on from generation to generation, and each generation experiences its own purification.  What is different about us as a generation is the fact that we are facing so many prophecies that are being fulfilled, and we are being told that we will see more of everything that has been prophesied. This is why the Holy Scripture tells us: “test everything and hold on to that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).  And that which is good is for those who wish to see everything that is drawing near for humanity. God is not to be loved out of fear, but out of faith in His Word and in His great and infinite mercy.

In the messages we are clearly told that we are in a period of purification in all aspects of man’s life from the spiritual to the economic, and that the transformation will make the survival of mankind more difficult. The Most Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother do not forsake us, which is why they continue to give us alerts so that we would remain prepared with what is necessary for facing great climatic, political, social, religious changes and great manifestations of nature throughout the earth.

At this time when Turkey and Syria are suffering the consequences of the force of nature due to the devastating earthquake that has taken place, people are looking for news or for what has been mentioned in the messages, but we cannot stop at what happened and carry on living while forgetting about those who are enduring great suffering.

Via the media we are witnesses of the pain that is experienced after an earthquake of such magnitude. Heaven had previously warned us about this event that has now immersed a people in tragedy, and here Our Lord Jesus Christ has spoken to me and allowed me to have the following vision:

Our Lord Jesus Christ says to me:

My daughter, see how help is not reaching these poor children who do not have what is needed in order to rescue those who are trapped in the rubble.

Our Lord Jesus Christ asks me to convey what He tells me:

My daughter, see how these peoples have weapons and do not have the means to help those who are on the verge of death because they are not rescued.

May this present event, My children, be a reason for the hearts of all humanity to be moved and for you to be given a tender heart so that you would be certain of the fact that this earthquake has consequences for the beginning of other earthquakes all over the Earth.

Having concluded, Our Lord departs.

In another earlier vision, Our Lord Jesus Christ allowed me to see this: 

Several countries were strongly shaken and were then left in darkness. Nothing was to be heard except weeping, cries and pain. A great loneliness could be felt: the people who were unharmed left their homes and immediately looked for their neighbors or relatives.

What I could see was devastation, tragedy and little help from other countries that were preparing for war.  I repeat – I was able to see some earthquakes of great intensity, but not all of them were man-made.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said to me:

My daughter, see how they use science to do what the Devil wants: to cause more pain and to celebrate.  It is because of this and its ignorance in turning away from Me that the human race is purifying itself.

Brothers and sisters:

We need to reflect on indifference toward the Most Holy Trinity, toward Our Most Holy Mother, and toward the angelic hierarchies…

to bend our knees on account of the ignorance with which Jesus is treated in the Eucharist…

to shudder with horror and fright at the sacrileges and profanations that are occurring so regularly…

God forgive us.

Following on from this, I share with you some messages about earthquakes that have been revealed to me:


Great countries will lose part of their land and their inhabitants.


Scientists will warn about celestial bodies approaching the Earth, thereby being the same scientists who will corroborate My Word.


You do not have the wisdom to measure the catastrophes that are coming upon the earth…


The earth shakes in line with humanity’s sin. It speaks to man, who refuses to keep Me in his heart.


The earth has changed its continuous motion, and this leads to the stirring of the great tectonic faults around the globe.


The earth’s climate will never be the same again.



I saw various angels who were present, looking at the earth, and they had in their hands what I could recognize as water, earth, fire, air, and they were letting them free and they were falling on the earth.  When they touched the earth they penetrated to the depths and from there they went out to different parts of the earth; from that point the air moved at great speed, destroying everything in its path.

I saw many people suffering, and some of them were imploring divine assistance or calling Our Blessed Mother. I felt that these supplications were coming from their hearts and that they were being touched by the light of Christ and starting a new spiritual path.  At the same time, I saw a great calm that turned into divine peace, which went throughout the earth, and calm came.


Pray, men of good will: the earth will shake and the People of God pray and cry out, make reparation and act, loving with divine love in the unity of the Sacred Hearts.


The earth has changed within its core, being vulnerable and causing man to be vulnerable to the effects of the sun.


Pray, Turkey needs conversion; it will cause pain to mankind.


Pray, children of God, pray: Turkey will suffer to the point of exhaustion.


Pray, children, pray for Turkey: nature will scourge it.


Pray, My children, pray for Turkey: it will suffer the pain of its inhabitants.


Beloved children, pray for Turkey: blood runs through that land, impiety leaves its mark.


Pray, My children, pray for the Middle East, pray for Turkey: there will be darkness.  

Brothers and sisters: The earth keeps constantly changing – changes where we as humanity are responsible to one extent or another for the deterioration to which it has been subjected. It is imperative for us as human beings to take seriously what is happening as well as heaven’s calls for the conversion of humanity.

God is love – and what is your response to Him? 

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