Luz – Prepare Yourselves

The Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on May 17th:

Beloved children of my Heart,

As Queen and Mother, I intercede for all my children so that they might not go astray. I continually bless you so that you would stay away from evil and be closer to my Divine Son. Every human being is responsible for their works and actions. I call you to act responsibly and with love toward your brothers and sisters, continually cultivating the spirit of service.

I call you to pray, asking the Most Holy Trinity for the conversion of the greatest number of souls, regarding the offenses of this generation that allows great sins, which lead it to live in the Tower of Babel within Sodom and Gomorrah. They have acted against children, they have soiled children’s minds and hearts… How my Divine Son grieves over this! How much pain there is in His Divine Heart!

Pray, children, pray and repent for every work or act contrary to God’s Will.

Pray, children, pray, pray. Nature is acting in an uncontrolled fashion; the sun is altering it, just as it is altering the human being.

Pray, children, pray; prepare yourselves. The Earth will shake forcefully [1] Read about earthquakes:.

Pray, children, pray for Japan, Mexico, and the United States. They will experience a strong earthquake.

Pray, children, pray for Switzerland.

Beloved children, time is running out. Humanity’s suffering will become more severe. My children will rise up faced with such a great burden imposed by those who govern them. [2]About social and racial conflicts: As Queen and Mother, I lead you to the right path and offer you my hand so that you would not go astray. My Divine Son helps you. Do not turn away from Him. My beloved St. Michael the Archangel is protecting you. Come and pray before the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.

I give you a special blessing. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin



Brothers and sisters, Our Blessed Mother warns us so that, without turning away from her Divine Son, we would prepare ourselves spiritually. She describes events in the midst of which we are living, and yet we do not see them as a warning for this time.

This message indicates to us the seriousness of leading children down the wrong path. This should lead us to meditate on what is happening to children, immersing them in inappropriate actions and behavior. Sacred Scripture tells us:

“But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Mt. 18:6)


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