Luz – Proclaim Your Faith in God

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 3rd, 2021:

Beloved people of God, I bless you; remain faithful to the Sacred Hearts, asking for the gift of love. Proclaim the greatness of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, worship Him, revere His Name – even if those around you do not believe, do not be afraid to proclaim your faith in God, Three in One. The unity of the people of God is essential at this time, more so than at other times, given the acceptance in the Church of all that is pagan, with these forms of modernism distorting the true magisterium in exchange for shamefully profane acts. Be true, be people who do not accept modernism, be lovers of the Divine Blood of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that you should not be afraid of anything, because you are protected by my heavenly legions. You must pray with your heart. You must pray for your conversion and that of your brothers and sisters so that they might come out of the darkness in which they are living. There are so many whited sepulchers going from failure to failure, due to their own “ego” that prevents them from doing good! So many spend their days without stopping to meditate on what they will experience during the Warning (1)  being disobedient and not having decided to restructure their lives towards the good! There are so many whited sepulchers – overbearing, demanding, basking in their own glory, looking at their own selves! People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the Earth is being strongly shaken; you should keep provisions of what is specifically necessary for survival – not  only your personal survival and that of your family, but that of your brothers and sisters. Store honey: this food is beneficial. At the same time store what is possible for each one of you. The purification of humanity is continuing. Great events will come due to water, wind, volcanoes, and so much else produced by man himself. Hunger will spread in the nations (2). The sun will continue sending its effects to the Earth, which will cause humanity to regress.

The prayer of the Holy Rosary is important: Our Queen and Mother listens to those who pray it with the heart.

People of God, pray about the unforeseen and devastating effects of nature on Earth.

People of God, pray that awareness of this crucial moment would grow among the children of God.

People of God, pray: France will suffer. The United States, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Colombia and Bolivia will be strongly shaken.

People of God, pray: the Church will accept innovations. Our King and Lord Jesus Christ is bleeding, Our Queen weeps.

People of God, you will look at the firmament and in amazement you will cry out the Name of God, Three in One… 

Adore, make reparation, love God, Three in One; be faithful, without hiding the faith that you profess.

Our Queen and Mother carries you in Her Heart. Our King and Lord Jesus Christ has your names written in His Heart with His Divine Blood. Receive peace, blessings.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters, prayer is communication with the Holy Trinity, with our Mother. Prayer with the heart leads us to be aware that we are entering into a relationship that grows stronger all the time, and it gives us the assurance that we are living in the world, but are not of the world. Let us enjoy the prayers that Heaven itself has dictated to us and in this way, in unity, the people of God are heard.  (Download Prayer Book) St. Michael announces for us a series of events in order that we would keep in mind the course of these events, and he calls us to keep non-perishable food as each one of us is able. Let us not forget this, let us not put it off until tomorrow. Brothers and sisters, we are disciples and apostles of Christ: we must be firm in the Faith, not disguising it, but confessing it.





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