Luz – The Blessed Mother Appeared in Black

Addendum to the message of The Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on November 2, 2023:

Commentary of Luz de María

Brothers and sisters,

Giving infinite thanks to our Blessed Mother, I want to share with you that today, uncharacteristically, our Mother appeared to me dressed in black, a color that she uses before serious events for humanity.

She said to me: “Beloved daughter, a great betrayal is in preparation concerning… who is involved in the current war…”

I recall these messages given in previous years:



My beloved people, the relics that My Church possesses will be taken in order to desecrate them; because of this, I have already requested that the relics be rescued and guarded from now on, otherwise you will have no trace of them.



Humanity is being manipulated by a power of which the vast majority are unaware: a group of families to whom the rulers have adhered, obeying their commands. They are the ones with an interest in the rapid arrival of the Third World War. Among them, the Freemasons, opposed to the Church of my Son, have entered into the hierarchy of the Roman Curia, itself, and into the most significant places of the world and society in order to dominate humanity in all areas.


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