Luz – The City of Lights Will Be Extinguished

Jesus to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 24th, 2022:

My beloved people: I love you, guide you, and gather you as the Shepherd of souls. Beloved people of My Heart: I come with My love to bless you and to offer you My Cross of glory and majesty. My children, I continue to suffer for each one of you: I see you going further and further away from My sheepfold, immersed in false doctrines because you do not recognize Me. My people are accepting what is sinful, false, and shameful; they accept what is wrong and are becoming familiar with evil. I call you to conversion!

This is the precise moment for you not to be guided by your own interests, but by those of My House. This is the time of the signs preceding the Warning, and yet My people continue not to examine themselves, not to probe within themselves, and not to see themselves without masks. My children are acting outside of My love. Far from the works and actions of true Christians, you allow yourselves to be attracted to those who, while knowing Me, scorn Me, seeking their own interests and not Mine. Human wretchedness has led them to taste what is sinful, to love earthly power, to go so far as to submerge My Church in darkness and silence the altars of the Eucharistic Sacrifice with a hammer-blow.

Oh, what a time of pain! I suffer over and over again, and My blinded people are looking at themselves: they despise humility and are feeding their conceited and spoiled “egos” with great arrogance. I have given you so much, children! You will lose so much due to arrogance until, not finding contentment or spiritual fulfillment, you will again prostrate yourselves before Me so that I might free you from so much gangrene that you have allowed to fall upon what is Mine!  

Pray, My people, pray, pray: My justice is coming as regards what belongs to Me.

Pray, My people, pray: the city of lights will be extinguished, its din silenced, and My children will cry out.

Pray, My people, pray for Argentina: it will suffer, to the astonishment of humanity.

Pray, My people, pray: nature will act with greater force.

My enemies will rise up against My children. Continue fearlessly in faith: My angelic legions will make the oppressors flee. My people, human pride and foolishness must be banished in preparation for chasing away the obstacles that dwell within each one of you. Surrender to Me without offering human resistance; in this way, I will be everything within you, and you will be My contentment. Hurry, children, rid yourselves of so many rags that prevent you from walking toward Me. Be love, fraternity, charity, forgiveness, hope, and may each one of you be a support for your brothers and sisters.

Obey the Commandments, love the Sacraments, reconcile yourselves with Me, and receive Me with love on behalf of those who do not love Me.  In this way, you will be My contentment. This is how My children work and act in order to taste My love, and may My love be a sign of My presence within you. I bless you and strengthen you. My people, continue fearlessly holding My hand and the hand of My Mother.

My Heart beats for each one of you. I love you.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin 

Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: divine love embraces everything, permeating those who devoted themselves to being more of Christ and less of the world. This is a very profound word; let us reflect on it again and again. Our Lord Jesus Christ reminds us that we are going to be examined by our own conscience. It is necessary to continue to prepare, to repent, to confess our sins, and to remain in a constant act of reparation and love, love and prayer. 

He calls us to leave behind the rags of human foolishness, the arrogance that damages the soul and prevents us from seeing ourselves as we are. Brothers and sisters, these are urgent times, given that Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us that this is the precise moment for those who have not sought Him to seek Him. We can understand that it is urgent for the human being to seek conversion, to seek that personal encounter with Christ, in order to be a creature in whom dwells that divine love to which we are all called.  

Attentive and spiritually alert, let us remain so, given the divine words that tell us that this is the time of signs and fulfillment. This is why we are called to prepare ourselves, because each day that passes brings us one day closer to the Warning or a day when we can be called before the divine presence. Brothers and sisters, Christ suffers continually, and each of us can be a soul of reparation for the pain of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Let us be attentive, lest we fall prey to the evil that is rising up against the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ and against the mystical body of Christ! Let us be attentive, as the altar of the Eucharistic Sacrifice has been struck by those who know Christ, but who want to possess the Church of Christ!  

Brothers and sisters, the purification of the human race is necessary, as Our Lord has told us, but let us remember that in the midst of the purification there always remains divine assistance. That assistance with which the people of God have gone forward and will go forward until the consummation of time. The Church may be struck, but she remains, just as Christ remains.  


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