Luz – The Cup Is Almost Empty

The Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on November 6th, 2022:

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart, I bless you with my love. People of my Son, I call you to be fraternal, to keep the faith (Mt. 17:20-24), to give so as to receive, to look carefully at the signs and signals (Lk. 12:54-56) in order that you would be people who meditate on everything that occurs.

My Son suffers because of every action and work contrary to His Will. The time has come when my children do not see, do not listen, and do not preach: they remain blind, deaf, and dumb in order to please those who are not in communion with the Divine Will.

Humanity is being driven mad by the noise of what is worldly and harmful to body and spirit. You do not pray and have turned away from my Son. You are a humanity without God.

Humanity is in gravest danger and you do not see it; on the contrary, you constantly amuse yourselves without thinking of the offenses with which you are wounding my Son. This generation is living in so much sin, greater than that of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 19:1-30). At this moment, the cup is almost empty.

I am a Mother and a teacher: I am not the bearer of fear – on the contrary, I want you to prepare and convert. Humanity is living in total violence. You are empty inside, pleasing your basest instincts, and you are easy prey for evil.

My Son loves you and this Mother and teacher loves you, therefore, I come to call you to spiritual change and to prepare yourselves to assuage hunger and cold. Keep prayer books in your homes, spiritual books that you need to have in print.

You are walking in darkness, the same darkness that will reach earth and cover it completely; afterward, the divine light will come and will illuminate everything that exists. Love will be in those children [people] who will repent, and they will be my Son’s, having a new life.

People of my Son, war continues to spread! The human race goes on aimlessly without seeing how the interests of one nation, in particular, are breathing fire so that the conflicts do not stop. Suffering is worsening for humanity. Famine will show man its face, and there will be lamentation. Countries will need the cover of darkness so as not to be seen at night and in order to protect their peoples.

Without being afraid, children of my Immaculate Heart, continue ceaselessly increasing your faith, drawing closer to my Divine Son, praying to St. Michael the Archangel and his legions. Be creatures of inner peace, without arguments or envy and without arrogance, remembering that intelligence without God does not gain heaven, but wisdom, humility, meekness, obedience, love of neighbor and perseverance. . .

People of my Son, pray, pray, pray; the earth has awakened in its bowels, and from within it, all that it contains will rise to the surface through volcanoes.

People of my Son, pray, pray: France will weep, England will enter into chaos. Pray, children.

People of my Son, pray, pray: man’s time is not God’s time; hasten with your conversion. In the twinkling of an eye, you will find yourselves in chaos.

You are loved by the Most Holy Trinity. Be people who practice prayer, mercy, charity, fraternity, humility, and faith, without forgetting the Law of God, works of mercy, the sacraments, and the Word of Sacred Scripture.

As your Mother, I protect and bless you. I lovingly present your prayers and needs to the Most Holy Trinity. Continue on your way without fear.

Children of My Immaculate Heart: Keep in mind that in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. I love you, people of My Son, I love you. I carry you within my womb and protect you. Do not fear, I am with you.

Mother Mary


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters:

Our Blessed Mother, Mother and teacher of God’s people, calls us vehemently to conversion because this is the moment that was foretold.

She emphasizes our need to be fraternal and humble, our need not to think we are so intelligent that we forget God. This does not mean that our Mother despises intelligence, but that it is different from being wise, since the wise person leads their intelligence to reflect without rushing, because they always seek divine help.

Our Mother gives us keys for us to recognize the time in which we find ourselves: “the cup is almost empty, violence dwells in the human race. . .” Between the lines, our Blessed Mother repeats that technology will come to a stop, and because of this, she recommends that we have prayer books, the Holy Scriptures, and texts that each person wants to have in print.

She announces the Three Days of Darkness and human folly to us. She points out for us events that are very near, so that we would be attentive, with Christ as the Master of our lives and consecrated to our Blessed Mother.


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