Luz – The Dense Fog

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on November 4th, 2020:

People of God: I come to call you to be faithful to the Father’s House: faithfulness that is not paralyzed by fear but grows by faith.

Humanity is soaked in the dense fog that evil has spread over human beings so that they would not see goodness, but would continue to walk the path of mediocrity that leads them to fall into the clutches of the Devil. The People of God continue moving towards falsehood disguised as good by the will of man. The Church of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ tackles her own decisions without taking the Divine Will into account, and suffers excessively because of this.

The doors of the purification of all humanity continue to open as the events that have been revealed are occurring at the rate imposed by the powerful of the Earth, at the rate imposed by disobedient humanity, far from the Divine Will and from Our Queen and Mother, at the rate imposed by those who remain in positions of power, leading souls astray and handing them over to the Devil himself. Greed, power used for evil, society in turmoil, immorality, this generation of death, wars, famines, Communism, persecution, darkness, schism, lack of love; at the moment these are part of the path down which humanity must travel due to its wrongful works and actions. Bear in mind that no major or minor event will occur without being permitted by the Divine Will. Humanity is mercilessly destroying itself: it finds no contentment, it finds no satisfaction in anything because of the absence of love, the distance that it maintains towards Our King and Lord Jesus Christ as well as Our Queen and Mother.
Hold to the true Magisterium of the Church of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ; do not go astray—evil is wearing sheep’s clothing in order to confuse you. This is the right time for you to demonstrate patience, perseverance, to show each person’s authentic self and an interest in Divine matters. Work now for the Kingdom of God: do not waste time on trifles, on worldly matters. It is urgent for the children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ to unite and share with their fellow men in advance the blessings they receive, before the false lords of humanity prevent the distribution of these blessings, restricting people’s freedom in everything regarding the Salvation of souls.

The more negligent you are, the more indifference to these calls will weigh on you, with it becoming difficult for your brothers and sisters to recognize the Angel of Peace,(1) who will come united to our Queen and Mother so that you would be certain that he is the one who has been announced.

Beloved people protected by My Legions, too many human beings are walking towards perdition, too many are falling into the abyss!

Pray for your brothers and sisters and help them promptly.

People of God, pray, pray for humanity, the door is opening wider that will set the tone of the future for everyone.

People of God, pray, pray for those who, knowing what is happening, close their hearts to the Divine Calls and hold back the knowledge given to them by Divine Love.

People of God, pray for greater spirituality and greater truth in each one of you.

People of God, pray that you would work and act like true brothers and sisters, and not like birds of prey that feed the Devil.

People of God, pray: the events will not delay, the mystery of iniquity will appear in the absence of the Katechon (cf. II Thess 2,3-4).(2)

People of God, pray, you are facing the time that has been announced…

Adore the Most Holy Trinity, come to Our and your Queen and Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.
You are not alone.
You receive the help of my celestial legions.
Who is like God?
There is none like God

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary by Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters:

The continued request of our beloved Saint Michael the Archangel makes us realize the urgency of working for the Kingdom of God.

It would be foolish to deny that the history of this generation has been altered from one moment to another, just as it is foolish to think that humanity will go back to living as in the past…

There are changes that have come to stay as a prelude to what is to come.

We have read and tasted this continual call to spiritual growth, and yet it is only by being in greater need of union with the Most Holy Trinity and with our Blessed Mother that we will remain on the path that Heaven is pointing out to us, not renouncing our Faith.

Queen and Mother of the end times,
Snatch me out of the clutches of evil.



  1. Revelations about the Angel of Peace: read …[]
  2. From the Greek: τὸ κατέχον, “that which withholds”, or ὁ κατέχων, “the one who withholds”—what St. Paul calls that which is ‘restraining’. See Removing the Restrainer by Mark Mallett[]
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