Luz – The Warning is Rapidly Approaching

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on May 7th, 2022:

Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: by Divine Mandate, as Prince of the heavenly legions I share with you that humanity must be attentive at this time. Not living in the Truth (Jn 14:6), human beings are rising up against one another… Humanity is besieged, oppressed, disturbed and repressed so that inconstancy and insecurity penetrate its thinking, and it is therefore surrendering to the conditions that will lead it to acclaim the Antichrist. Human beings’ conceited ego leads them to feel that they alone possess reason. Seized by demons, human beings impose themselves and trample their brothers and sisters without compassion. Humanity is approaching perdition to the point of becoming tarnished, with people being indistinguishable from one another. Contrary to expectations, the great obligation will arrive and timid humanity will bow down and submit.

People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: go forward in obedience, without wasting this moment. Convert, pray, offer sacrifices and fast, if your condition allows it.  Make reparation in advance; the Church of our King is being invaded by the forces of evil in order to undermine her, causing the Mystical Body to fall into unbelief. Among the People of our King charity has ceased to exist. The progression of imposition by force and the hold of the powerful over the People of God are growing ever stronger, negating your freedom. “He who has ears to hear let him hear.” [1]Mt 13:9; Rev. 2:11. Remain on constant alert. The mark of evil will be unmasked; humanity will be summoned in order for it to be “sealed”. Do not lose eternal life, children of God, do not lose it.

People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, you must nurture faith in order to resist spiritually in the face of the empire of evil.  The power of the Devil is looming over humanity so that it would surrender into his hands. Strengthen your faith with fraternal love above all. Be peaceful people: this is how Christians are recognized, in fraternal love [2]cf. Jn 13:35.

Pray, People of God, pray: the bear is causing pain, great pain.

Pray, People of God: the dragon is moving stealthily in order to awaken with power before the eyes of humanity.

Pray, People of God, pray: the earth is in peril and unbelieving humanity scorns what is Sacred.

The man of God remains vigilant. The earth will shake, the reddish moon announces the proximity of pain and of the Warning. In the midst of unbelief, my legions seek creatures of firm faith who remain in prayer for humanity – souls of reparation for offenses against the Sacred Hearts.

People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: with my sword I defend you against danger. Be faithful to the Most Holy Trinity. Love Our Queen and Mother of the End Times, when the Warning is rapidly approaching. Onward – I defend you against evil and my legions keep you from danger. Be true. Do not be afraid: we are your defenders and companions on the way.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: St. Michael the Archangel brings us this blessing in the face of the quickening of events that we are living through as humanity. The Devil is not merely lurking, but taking possession of what is God’s, and humanity is opening itself up very quickly to new developments. It does not see the Devil, although the human race has been warned.  The seal of the Antichrist will therefore be accepted without discernment as to what lies behind it.

In Holy Scripture we are warned in Rev. 13:11: 

 “Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon.”

 This is what St. Michael the Archangel is warning us about, brothers and sisters, together with everything that we can read between the lines, so we must be prudent.

Let us pay attention to armed conflicts: this is not the time to deny what is happening.  As humanity we are threatened by war, as well as by the continuous seismic activity that will explode from one moment to the next. Let us reflect and walk towards conversion for the salvation of the soul. Let us keep in mind that the celestial legions are vigilant for our good and to assist us. We will never be abandoned by the merciful Hand of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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1 Mt 13:9; Rev. 2:11
2 cf. Jn 13:35
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