Luz – The Youth Have Fallen

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 13th, 2021:

Dear Children of God: In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity and of Our Queen and Mother, I offer you this moment of mercy… Innovations contrary to God’s Law are dragging human beings into the abyss. Some of those chosen for the service of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ do not pray and are devoting themselves to social interaction [media]. This, together with evil thoughts, leads them to fall into misconduct in which the devil delights.

Young people, in absolute disobedience, have fallen into total baseness where values have been buried in order not to be known. Seeing belief in God as something ancient, false and loathsome will draw sickness to young people, touching them in a particular way so that they would make amends. Even so, some will prefer being lost to acknowledging that they are living in evil. The music of young people is aberrant; their words are offensive to Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and to Our Queen and Mother. Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: The elite’s wicked plan has profited from the minds of humanity. It has sold them, through technology, the “entertainment” needed for infidelity in homes and has created children who are psychologically dependent on triumphant heroes who have no human respect.

Hatred towards the faithful representatives of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ is bringing about the persecution, undeterred by the Holy Fear of God, of some bishops and priests within the Vatican, thereby causing the Church of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ to pass through the Blood of the martyrs. Do not be afraid: glory is reserved for those faithful to the Holy Trinity and to Our Queen and Mother.

Take forth the Word of God with haste, without ceasing and without fear; give everything so that the Divine Word may be heard by your brothers and sisters. Now is the time!

The earth will shake forcefully in one place and another. Mankind will unite in fear, looking upwards…. The cause of the fear will come from the universe.

People of God: Pray with the heart. Grow spiritually in the midst of so much spiritual desolation. You are not alone: continue praying tirelessly for the salvation of souls. At this time those who are light and give light to their brothers and sisters will receive more light from the Divine Spirit.  Those who are darkness will receive more darkness. Disease continues. People of God, do not falter. You are strengthened by the Most Holy Trinity, by Our Queen and Mother and by My Heavenly Legions, which are at the service of the People of God.

Mercy! This is the moment of mercy. Recognize what you are; change into what you should be and have not been so far. Draw from the Holy Spirit the necessary goods so that you may be creatures nourished by Divine Love. Bear Divine Mercy so that you may confront the evil that is disturbing the Church. “They will strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered” (Mt.26:31). Be attentive! Prepare as much as possible and share with your brothers and sisters who do not have, so that they may prepare themselves. Be cautious: humanity will enter into fear and food will disappear. Be cautious: share with those who do not have so that little by little they may make the necessary provision. Do not wait for chaos, anticipate it. Fear not: whoever lives in faith, in faith shall abide and in faith will survive. 

My Sword spans the continents: fear not. Our King and Lord Jesus Christ is with His People. Blessed are those who by their Faith will be saved. Celebrate Our Mother under the advocation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (July 16). I bless you. With the Blood of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ I cover you. Do not be afraid: you are not alone.  

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin 

Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: As our beloved St. Michael the Archangel tells us, we know that the times of persecution are already upon the People of God. This does not happen without causing fear, but we need to remember that we are not alone, we are not alone, Christ is with His People. Christ comes to meet His People. St. Michael the Archangel said some words to me during his call, and they are these: “The saints of this time will not be raised to the altar.* Humanity has taken for granted receiving the Word from on high; it does not accept it, it does not make it its own, it does not treasure it. How they will mourn because of it!” Brothers and sisters, let us love in Spirit and in Truth. Amen.

* “The saints of this time will not be raised to the altar” likely means that they will not be raised to the “glory of the altar,” i.e. they will not be beatified/canonized along with the likes of St Faustina and the mystics of the past; in context, it is fairly clear that St. Michael is talking about contemporary prophets whose messages the Church is ignoring.

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