Luz – This is the Time of Prior Warning

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on December 16th, 2022:

Children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ:

I am sent by the Most Holy Trinity to make known to you the word that is the Will of God. In the unity of people walking in the footsteps of their King and Lord, continue in the knowledge of the good that you should do, and thereby avoid evil. Humanity must retain the awareness that “God is a God of the living” (Mk 12:27); only in this way will the human race be able to aspire to greater spirituality in the full knowledge that without God, it is nothing. Live in the tireless quest to remain closer to the Most Holy Trinity, to Our Queen and Mother, to the archangels and angels, so that you would live desiring what is divine, working and acting within the good.

Children of God, you find yourselves in the time of expectation prior to the fulfillment of prophecies announced with clear signs that foreshadow what is to come. See how nature is acting. Humanity has left the churches and does not adore our King and Lord Jesus Christ. They receive the Holy Eucharist in mortal sin. They despise and refuse to pray the Holy Rosary. They mock the sacramentals.

The Most Holy Trinity call Their priests to dress with dignity in their priestly vestments, since dressing like the unconsecrated has led to their being disrespected and mistaken for those who are not consecrated to the priestly ministry. People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, you must be constantly preparing for the coming food shortages and severe change in the climate, especially in Europe.

The earth’s core is being affected by the magnetism of a celestial body that is approaching the earth. Europe will go through this time with extreme snowfall and cold not felt before.  America will experience a change in its climate: temperatures will drop and cold will be felt, but not extreme cold. This is the time of prior warning in order for you to be believe and make amends.

Water will appear where there is sand and where there is water, sand will appear. Volcanoes will roar in various countries all over the earth. The desert will be invaded by water and where there is water, there will be desert.

Pray, pray, children of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, for the conversion of humanity, pray for the continent of Asia.

Pray, pray, children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, about the shortage of food.

Pray, pray, children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, about the social uprisings and the persecution that will occur in the nations.

Pray, pray, children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, fierce persecutors of the Christian faith will emerge from within the countries that have welcomed them.

People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ, keep our Queen and Mother’s attention focused on the needs of each person by praying the Holy Rosary, so that the pride that grows within the human being would be weakened and overcome by humility.

Pride is characteristic of the evil one, the oppressor of souls: it soils a person, enveloping them in evil and envy. Pride deforms human beings in their works and actions, blinding them and making them unrecognizable. Act with humility – not with false humility, not with forced humility, but with the humility of the light that comes from our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

Believe, believe, overcome sin, repent firmly by confessing and having a firm purpose of amendment, so that by divine mercy you would be people who are new and renewed. Remain on spiritual alert; be creatures of simplicity and humility of heart. Knowledge should not be displayed, but acted upon as a testimony of what dwells within each one of you. Prudence is a great companion for the [spiritual] gifts. The prudent do not expose themselves to being brought down (Mt 10:16).

These are serious times – very serious times in which temptations, dissatisfaction, division and pleasures are being hastily spread by the spirits of evil. The person who repents, who acknowledges God as their Lord and Savior and begins a new life, is guided by their guardian angel, a traveling companion so that they would not become lost.

Go forth, children of God, go forth united in the expectation of the fulfillment of all that has been prophesied. Keep the peace and be fraternal. You are accompanied by my legions, protected by our Queen and Mother, and saved by the blood of the Divine Lamb.

Do not be afraid; grow in faith!

St. Michael the Archangel

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary by Luz de María

Brothers and sisters:

A strong call to faith and fidelity to God, Three in One, and to our Blessed Mother. St. Michael the Archangel makes us aware that God is truly present in the life of each one of us. And it is precisely knowledge through the Holy Scriptures that leads us to know God and His designs for humanity. Knowledge leads us to recognize God, who is in us, but if He is not known, He is not recognized.

St. Michael the Archangel wants us to be aware that God exists and that by praying and offering our daily works we are growing closer to Him, but we need to be careful – we cannot focus on intellectual knowledge, but we must move on to the search for God who goes out to meet His children. As St. Michael the Archangel assures us, we are not alone! It is necessary to see the goodness of God when He calls the most unworthy of His children to great works, when He gives everything to the person who comes to work at the last moment, when He gives wisdom to those who believe and when He calls the prudent wise.

Everyone has their mission. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to assist us, so that we might present our hands before God full of works and not empty.


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