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St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on June 12th, 2022:

Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ; live under the protection of the Divine Will, so that your works and actions would be in accordance with the disposition of our King and not the dispositions of the worldly powers. As Prince of the celestial legions I ask you to surrender all your works and actions at all times to Our King and Lord Jesus Christ in reparation for the offenses of humanity and for the salvation of souls. The more you join in this offering, the stronger and higher is the wall and the more resistant to the onslaughts of the Devil.

You are fortunate to know in advance what Heaven expects and desires from its children. You are fortunate to know in which direction you should go, praying about it, thereby remaining within the Divine Will. As time grows short, evil is becoming more present and visible within humanity in various forms.  This has happened in human history. At this time the Devil and his minions have embedded themselves within the institutions of society, blackening them and moving them far away from the Divine Will.

As Prince of the Celestial Legions I call you to unite in prayer so that the intensity of the great earthquake that will soon occur on Earth, at the points where great tectonic faults converge, would be diminished. I call you to pray the Holy Rosary for 7 days and to adore our King and Lord Jesus Christ, present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

These acts of love are to be offered for:

    • all humanity, blinded by the Devil,
    • for human beings who are sick in body or in spirit
    • and so that Faith might be firm within every child of God.

This form of prayer will combat evil and will unite the children of God fraternally, strengthening faith and trust in Divine Protection. Beloved children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ; it is to you that I am speaking, to you who have heard and have closed your ears like most of humanity, to you whom the Kingdom of God has instructed and who refuse to understand; I am speaking to you. . .

You are facing the scourge of food shortages, economic shortages, lack of love for your neighbor, lack of charity and lack of faith. Hurry up, children of our Queen and Mother! It is urgent that God’s People be prepared in spirit and materially. The great nations will pass through the crucible and the small countries will suffer. You should make provisions according to each person’s possibilities; you must be discreet so as not to fall prey to the wolves.

Pray, People of God, pray for Argentina: social unrest will come, its soil will be shaken.

Pray, People of God, pray for Chile: its soil will be forcefully shaken.

Pray for Central America: it will be shaken – pray.

Pray concerning regrettable events in the United States.

Pray, children of God, pray for Japan: its soil will shake.

Pray, People of God, pray for Spain: it will be shaken.

Pray God’s people, pray for France: it will fall prey to terror.

Pray, People of God, pray for all humanity that faith might prevail and that fear might not take hold of any child of God’s People.

With my sword held high I drive away the minions of evil and protect the People of our King and Lord Jesus Christ as I have been commanded. Continue in unity without retreating: in prayer, children, in prayer, not causing harm to your neighbor and being messengers of love. I bless you, protect you and summon you in the Love of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters in the Faith; with his words, St. Michael the Archangel, protector of God’s People, allows us to foresee grave events that will take place on Earth and which are going to create pain for humanity. It is never too late, never. We have time while we are still alive: time to correct and to return to the path of God.

St. Michael gently explains to us that this generation, like previous generations, has had the blessing of being warned from Heaven, and yet, like previous generations, those who have seen do not believe and those who have heard do not believe. . .

What is encouraging for us as God’s People is that by divine order St. Michael the Archangel is telling us what prayer to offer at this time and tells us to adore the Blessed Sacrament for 7 days.  This brings to mind the destruction of the walls of Jericho (cf. Jos 6:15-27). In the same way we are called to tear down the walls that the Devil has placed around God’s children, so that the lamp will not be hidden but give the light that it should for the glory of God.

Brothers and sisters, we will announce via the YouTube channel of Revelaciones Marianas the day when the prayer of the Holy Rosary and the adoration of Jesus in the Sacrament will begin.

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