Luz – You Will Go Back to Subsistence Living

St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on August 15th, 2021:

Dear People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: May our King be adored from age to age and may our Queen and Mother be venerated always and everywhere.
Beloved People, the darkness that spreads evil wherever it goes is making human beings permeable to the insinuations of the Devil. It is because of this that we are warning you from the Father’s House in a constant and urgent call to conversion. Humanity is being dominated, constantly dragged down by the elite, without there even having implemented any controls in the bodies of human beings. Every article that you purchase or the technology with which you communicate with your brothers and sisters is used to maintain control of all your movements. The elite are stalking you from all sides without your wanting or seeking it. You are in the hands of the greatest manipulators of this generation who have one goal: to take you captive, make you their vassals, and persecute you in an attempt to break you.
You will go back to subsistence living, exchanging food and other items to feed or clothe yourselves. It will not be easy for the People of God to continue, but not impossible for you, with the Divine Help, the intercession, of Our Queen and Mother and Our Defense. You are not alone; you must have more faith, and for that, you need to know our Lord and King Jesus Christ. (I Cor 2:2)
Human beings are very easily changed; human aggression is uncontrollable and evil is taking control of it. It is necessary for you to grow spiritually so that you will not be confused when you receive major news that will shake you in the Faith. Those who keep firmly to the Faith, trusting in Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and in His Promises, will continue on the path.
You continue to face the fury of the elements. Humanity is heading towards more intense shaking of the earth and the geography of the Earth will change. Keep your faith firm without falling into despair. Our Queen and Mother is holding her mantle over her Son’s People. 
At this time you must pray for all humanity. Those who are safe are those who remain firm in the Faith, even if within the Church herself they want to take you towards other stormy waters. Our King and Lord Jesus Christ sees with sorrow that the spiritual life of the majority of His children is wandering aimlessly…

Arise, People of God! Arise with the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Church is being intimidated into opening her doors to innovations that are profanations and into welcoming other pseudo-religions.
Beloveds of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, be faithful, do not give up, continue being faithful without declining in the Faith in these critical moments for the Church of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.
Pray for Bolivia, pray promptly.
Pray for Central America, pray without faltering.
Pray for Mexico, it will be purified in great measure.
Pray for Argentina, it will be shaken and its people will become inflamed.
The sun is strongly affecting the earth; you will see its effects from one point of the globe to another with such frequency that it will be difficult for countries to help one another. Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: stay in your country if leaving it is not absolutely necessary; the trials will continue, making it difficult for you to return because of the new measures that the elite as a whole will order to be imposed at a global level.
Volcanoes will erupt, anguish will take hold of humanity.

You are not alone: be true children of the King. The power of God is above all human power. Believe in Almighty God, in the Mystery of the Holy Trinity and love Our Queen and Mother. Call on us: we are here to help you.
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, King of Hosts. Heaven and Earth are full of His glory.
I bless you.
St. Michael the Archangel

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin


Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: In view of the progress of events, we are called to maintain a firm Faith, but to maintain that firm Faith we have to enter into the love of the Holy Trinity, into love for our Mother and for our Traveling Companions.
We cannot love those whom we do not know and to know Christ we must enter into the knowledge of the Sacred Scriptures and into more intimate prayer, from the human “I” toward the Divine “Thou”. How much suffering of humanity there is as a result of the disobedience of man himself towards God and as a result of so much profanation! With his final words, St. Michael the Archangel calls us to be fervently devoted to the Most Holy Trinity. Let us pray the Holy Trisagion[1]Simplest form as used in the Divine Mercy Chaplet:; Short background article:; Angelic Trisagion prayer: and let us love praying it.

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