Manuela – The Tempter Will Appear in the Synod

The King of Mercy to Manuela Strack on September 25, 2023: 

Dear friends! Today, I have come to you to purify your hearts in My Precious Blood. I want to wash your hearts in My Blood. Accept this grace from Me. Live in sanctifying grace! Live in the Holy Sacraments! They are holy because I am holy and because I gave them to My Holy Church! Guard your hearts in this time of tribulation. Call on My Name, dear friends! Rejoice in everything that happens, because I come to you and am with you! I will not leave you. See what grace I am showing the world. You, dear friends, are pure of heart! Purity of heart will carry you through the time of tribulation.

“Dear successors, [1]German editor’s note: The Lord is addressing priests here. if your hearts are open to Me, then I will protect you from all tribulations and will guide you through this time. Have no fear! My friends, have no fear! I am the Lord! Pray especially for the Synod! The tempter will appear in it. I am allowing this. People of God, are you worthy of Me? Pray and sacrifice! Pray for reparation before the Eternal Father, in whom I am in My entirety. Little flock, bear witness! With everything that will come now, which I must allow, have no fear! For I have already taken care of you… Even though thieves have broken into My sanctuary, I am with you! They will not be able to destroy My Holy Church. Amen. Adieu!”

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1 German editor’s note: The Lord is addressing priests here.
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