Marco – Be Instruments of Love

Our Lady to Marco Ferrari on February 26, 2023:

My dear and beloved little children, when my Son Jesus comes again to earth, He will seek faith and love in your hearts. Remember, children, you will be judged on love — yes, children, on love.
My children, Jesus gave His life for you; when He was on earth, He did many works of love and continues to do them even today, which is why I invite you to love and to see His work growing in you and with you — His work which spreads in the world through love. Children, give thanks to Jesus by loving Him in your poorest and most abandoned brothers and sisters.

Children, love each other by always forgiving everyone. To love my Son means always forgiving all those who offend you. My children, you do not love my Son Jesus if you fail to forgive your brother, if you do not make an effort to understand your neighbor, if you only judge him without correcting him fraternally with love, and out of love. My children, you may be men and women of prayer, but what good is prayer if you do not know how to love and forgive your brothers and sisters? Pray and live in love: ask God in this time of grace for the gift of a faith that knows how to love everyone without prejudice. My children, the world lacks love: be instruments of love.

I caress and bless you all in the name of God who is Father, God who is Son and God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.
Thank you for coming here in prayer. Goodbye, my children.
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