Marco – Come Into My Life, Lord

Our Lady to Marco Ferrari during the prayer of the 4th Sunday of the month in Paratico (Italy), December 25, 2022:

My dear and beloved little children, the King of Peace, Christ Jesus, was born in order to bring peace and love to the world. Welcome Him, children!
My children, in these days I have seen so many of you in a hurry and busy with your material expenses, looking for gifts, preparing food, cleaning the house… but few have been concerned with preparing their hearts for the arrival of the Lord Jesus. Children, there is a risk of having everything in order, tidy and clean, but not having your heart ready to welcome the one celebrated at Christmas, who is Jesus, and His Eternal Word. Repeat with me, dear children, in faith:
“Come into my life, Lord, transform it with love; come into my heart, Lord Jesus!”
I invite you, my children, not to worry about worldly things but to prepare your hearts to meet Him. Jesus was born for you, He came into the world to give you His love; welcome Him, children, and bring Him to those who are far from His love. Children, with Jesus in my arms, I bless you in the name of God who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in His name, and in the name of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen. I caress you, I clasp you to my heart and kiss you one by one. Let us walk together in peace and light, children… Goodbye, my children.
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