Marco Ferrari – Hard Times Approaching

In 1992, Marco Ferrari began meeting with friends to pray the Rosary on Saturday evenings. On March 26, 1994 he heard a voice saying “Little son, write!” Marco, dear son, do not be afraid, I am [your] Mother, write for all your brothers and sisters”. The first apparition of the “Mother of Love” as a 15-16 year-old girl, occurred in July 1994; the following year, Marco was entrusted with private messages for Pope John Paul II and the Bishop of Brescia, which he duly transmitted. He also received 11 secrets concerning the world, Italy, apparitions in the world, the return of Jesus, the Church and the Third Secret of Fatima. 
From 1995 to 2005, Marco had visible stigmata during Lent and relived the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday. Several other scientifically unexplained phenomena have also been observed in Paratico, including the lacrimation of an image of the “Mother of Love” in the presence of 18 witnesses in 1999, as well as two eucharistic miracles in 2005 and 2007, the second taking place on the apparition hill with over 100 people present. While an investigative commission was established in 1998 by Bishop of Brescia Bruno Foresti, the Church has never taken an official position on the apparitions, although Marco‘s prayer group has been allowed to meet in a church in the diocese. 
Marco Ferrari had three meetings with Pope John Paul II, five with Benedict XVI and three with Pope Francis; with official Church support, the Association of Paratico has founded an extensive international network of “Oases of the Mother of Love” (children’s hospitals, orphanages, schools, aid for lepers, prisoners, drug addicts…). Their banner was recently blessed by Pope Francis. 
Marco continues to receive messages on the fourth Sunday of each month, the content of which is strongly convergent with many other credible prophetic sources.

Our Lady to Marco Ferrari in Patratico, Brescia on January 1st, 2016:
Beloved children, I am happy to be among you right at the beginning of a New Year …
Children, Jesus wants us still to walk together … thank him for this. Behold, I still wish to speak to you of my Son, of His infinite love for you, for your souls and for the world.
Beloved children, today too many of my children no longer love God: they live as if He did not exist, but He, infinite love and mercy, loves everyone. For many years God has been sending me among you; I bring you a clear and current message for these times and yet many have refused it.  I patiently show you how things are and you do not want to see them. I speak to you with the heart of a Mother and you do not listen. I help you to get up and you prefer to stay seated. I call you and you do not answer. When I give you gifts, you do not know how to receive them and you do not want to testify about them. When Jesus allows extraordinary graces you often justify them with your pride and your presumption of being perfect…
My children, accept me in your midst with your hearts available to grace, so that the words of my Son and His love might enter into you. He is the only light, He is the hope of the world that defeats the darkness of the world that surrounds you today. I invite you all to love one another like true brothers and sisters, helping each other on the path of each day. Love one another as He loves you! I urge you always to live the Gospel… not [just] with beautiful words, but to live it with concrete works.
My children, for a long time I have been calling you, through my presence in this place, to return to God. Children, hard times are approaching, times of purification; these difficult times are coming ever closer, yet this should not frighten you, but should bring you closer to Him. Beloved children, His immense love allows me to intensify my presence among you and in many parts of the world to ask you for prayer, to admonish you, to warn you of what will happen and not to frighten you, but to give you the opportunity to understand and prepare yourselves. May the great warning that will be given by God to the world not find your unprepared or distracted … For this reason, little children, I invite you to prepare yourselves for the return of My Son Jesus, living every day in holiness and giving many good fruits.
Continue walking, children, living my calls to conversion, spreading my message and praying with faith. Share with everyone the grace that I am giving you here in this place, and through my meek and beloved instrument. Children, spread my message, love my work, support my instrument with prayer: he is often attacked by the evil one, but I protect him and do not allow my work to be slowed down, for your good and for the good of souls. I caress him and guard him beneath my mantle…
My children, approach the sacrament of healing, of holy confession, so as to be able to approach the altar and feed on my Son with a pure and humble heart. My children, find the time and always be ready to kneel before the living and true Blessed Sacrament. There is Jesus! My children, find the time often to approach the bedside of those who are sick or need a word, a caress, a concrete gesture or a smile… My children, find time for God and time for those who suffer… You are in the time of mercy and grace!
My children, I ask you again to pray for the Holy Church, for my favored sons [i.e. priests] and even more so for the Pope; serious decisions depend on 
him. My children, as I said in Fatima, there will be a great division and schism in the Church: pray children, pray! Satan is unchained and is tormenting the whole world.
Children, remember that whoever is in My Heart should fear no evil because I watch over all of you. My children, in the end evil will perish and my Immaculate heart will triumph. I love you, my children, I am by your side and I invite you all to unity. Remember that without unity, Christians cannot be the salt and light of the world, bringing Jesus to everyone. As your Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of the Suffering, I bless you in the name of God who is Father, of God who is Son, of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.
Let us still walk together… listen to my calls … I caress you all… Goodbye, my children.
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